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dc.description.abstractAn Information filtering method is proposed for the effective information acquisition in the e-Learning environment of a Corporate Business Education. Although the present Corporate Business Education has improved much. it also has many problems. It delivers only uniformed curriculum, does ~ not provide relevant course information, does not take learner's personal information into account, and it shows little features as an corporate business education system. So it should provide customized and personalized Information access for learner. This thesis proposed related Corporate Business Education which is based on vector space model for retrieving educational document. We confirmed that the best educational document can be provided by representing educational document as a vector, which is based on nouns extracted from the document to represent its contents, and measure its similarity with a query vector which is formed from learner's user profile and query keywords. In the dynamic educational document stream, the vector space model based information filtering, which takes learner's personal information into account, can be a good strategy for more efficient management of c -Learning environment in a Corporate Business Education is proposed.-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서론 = 1 1.1 연구개요 = 1 1.2 연구의 배경 및 목적 = 3 제2장 이론적 배경 및 분석 = 4 2.1 기업교육 = 4 2.2 지식경영과 기업교육 = 13 2.3 지식경영에의 접근들 = 20 2.4 현 기업교육의 문제점 = 24 2.5 새로운 e-Learning 기술동향 = 28 2.6 정보검색 및 정보여과 = 32 제3장 기업교육의 정보여과(IF) 모델 설계 = 36 3.1 벡터공간모델 (Vector space model) = 36 3.2 기업교육과 Retrieval 모델 = 40 3.3 문서벡터의 생성 : tf-idf를 사용한 용어(Term)가중치 = 41 3.4 문서벡터와 질의어벡터의 상관관계 : Similarity = 43 3.5 요구 정보(질의어)의 표현과 개인화 된 정보 여과 = 44 제4장 모형제안 및 구현 = 47 4.1 데이터의 준비 = 47 4.2 형태소 분석의 필요성 = 50 4.3 문서 백터화를 위한 가증치 부여 = 55 4.4 질의어 벡터의 생성 = 59 4.5 관련성(similarity) 계산 = 60 4.6 실험결과 = 61 제5장 결론 및 제언 = 67 참고문헌 = 70 참조사이트 = 74-
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dc.publisher이화여자대학교 정보과학대학원-
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dc.title성공적인 기업교육을 위한 정보여과-
dc.typeMaster's Thesis-
dc.title.translatedInformation filtering for successful corporate business education-
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dc.identifier.major정보과학대학원 멀티미디어학전공- 2-
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