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환경친화적 수변공간 설계

환경친화적 수변공간 설계
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과학기술대학원 건축학과
이화여자대학교 과학기술대학원
The urban development and architecture of the past caused ecosystem destruction and change of urban climate. It caused a lowering of life standards too. At recently, many people are studying about sustainable development. Since technology and historical experience concerning the development of an urban waterfront is not variable, a theoretical and social base now exists in which to improvements-sustainable development-, to what is currently a poorly managed situation. The increment of income and the improvement of living made urban people want better quality of environment and more opportunity for recreation. But as urban planning in korea has treated mainly from the economic and efficient point of view, the problems of urban open space are set aside in the priority of policy. Therefore it is time to review and to plan the comprehensive urban open space system. I decide one place to plan new waterfront system. The place is SongDo province located beside Inchon-Songdo province is planning at present and is planning by reclamation. I hope the province new type-many of waterfront space, open space, green space- And I analyzed many of elements of waterfront and how these elements worked in open space system according to the different characteristics of cities. The process of my study is processing method as next. First, I studied many books and paper concerning of waterfront and friendly environment development. This process needed background for my paper. Second, I studied many example of foreign waterfront space-minato mirai 21 yocohama-and I analyzed waterfront elements as good examples. Third, I designed waterfront of Song Do new town as new type- continuous water design system, friendly environmental system
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