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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021The relationships among self-worth contingency on others’ approval, appearance comparisons on facebook, and adolescent girls’ body esteem: A cross-cultural study이혜은Article
2021How framed messages influence depression assessment intentions: Interactivity of social media as a moderator이혜은Article
2021Performance Evaluation of Consensus Protocols in Blockchain-based Audit Systems양대헌Conference Paper
2020The shaping of Lu Xun's public image and his portrait images홍석표Article
2020Processing Method & Distribution of Medicinal Plant Ginseng in Early Modern East Asia -Focusing on Ginseng as a Tribute Item of Joeseon to the Ming Dynasty-구도영Article
2020Prostatic arterial embolization for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia신태영Review
2021e-PoS: Making Proof-of-Stake Decentralized and Fair양대헌Article
2021대도시 성인 흡연행태의 지역별 격차 결정요인 다수준 분석최지혜Doctoral Thesis
2021멜로디 라인의 변곡점을 활용한 커버곡의 원곡 검색 알고리즘이보현Master's Thesis
2021블록체인 기반 스마트팜에서 연합학습을 이용한 네트워크 적응형 Raft 알고리즘김동희Master's Thesis
2021딥 러닝 기반 함수 그래프 이미지의 수식 변환 알고리즘주희영Master's Thesis
2021RISC-V 시스템 환경에서의 ANN 기반 초음파 센서 측위 시스템 설계오하빈Master's Thesis
2021한국 사회적기업의 성과 영향요인에 대한 메타분석정희수Doctoral Thesis
2021온라인 미술시장 플랫폼 현황 및 활성화 방안연구이혜진Master's Thesis
2021Intergenerational Differences in Age-friendly Environments and Health Outcomes: Social Support as a Mediator박소영Article
2021Federated Learning with Edge Devices in Volatile Wireless Networks이지호Master's Thesis
2021Facial Geometry Synthesis Using Locally Weighted Autoencoder김민영Master's Thesis
2021Toward Autonomous Robotic Arrangement of Objects using Deep Image Manipulation김시연Master's Thesis
2021Multilevel determinants of intention and behaviors to reduce sedentary behavior among white-collar employees김수경Doctoral Thesis
2021Integration of clinical features, handcrafted radiomics, and deep learning-based radiomics for predicting recurrence in patients with non-small cell lung cancer문세화Master's Thesis