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2022Early versus late acute coronary syndrome risk patterns of coronary atherosclerotic plaque이상은Article
2022Association Between Changes in Perivascular Adipose Tissue Density and Plaque Progression이상은Article
2020Machine Learning Framework to Identify Individuals at Risk of Rapid Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis: From the PARADIGM Registry신상훈Article
2021Comparative differences in the atherosclerotic disease burden between the epicardial coronary arteries: quantitative plaque analysis on coronary computed tomography angiography신상훈Article
2023Impact of statins based on high-risk plaque features on coronary plaque progression in mild stenosis lesions: results from the PARADIGM study신상훈; 이상은Article
2023Clinical and Coronary Plaque Predictors of Atherosclerotic Nonresponse to Statin Therapy신상훈Article
2022Vessel-specific plaque features on coronary computed tomography angiography among patients of varying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk신상훈; 이상은Article
2022Measurement of compensatory arterial remodelling over time with serial coronary computed tomography angiography and 3D metrics신상훈Article
2022Marked variation in atherosclerotic plaque progression between the major epicardial coronary arteries신상훈; 이상은Article
2022Longitudinal quantitative assessment of coronary atherosclerosis related to normal systolic blood pressure maintenance in the absence of established cardiovascular disease신상훈; 이상은Article