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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024Stratified predictions of upper limb motor outcomes after stroke박창현Article
2024Selective Functionalization of Indole: Synthesis of Bioinspired 2,2′-thiobisindoles, 3-substituted Oxindoles, and 1-(chloromethyl) Indoline-2-dione in One-pot mannerAkhilesh KumarArticle
2024Characterizations for the difference of weighted composition operators over the polydisk박인영Article
2024On the Laplacian spectrum of k-symmetric graphs유형기Article
2024Facile fabrication and grain-size depended on structural behavior of Cadmium-Substituted nano Co-Ni ferrites by chemical methodAnsari AbuzarArticle
2024Topology-based optimization of handcuff graphs on 3D lattice유형기Article
2024Alginate, hyaluronic acid, and chitosan-based 3D printing hydrogel for cartilage tissue regenerationMadhumita PatelReview
2024Numerical recovery of a time-dependent potential in subdiffusion신관철Article
2024Assessment of radio-activation using spectroscopy in medical linear accelerators안소현Article
2024Facile synthesis of cobalt-nickel oxide nanocomposites for trifunctional application towards antioxidant, anticancer and electrochemical performanceAnsari AbuzarArticle
2024Shape transformation on curved surfaces using a phase-field model윤성하Article
2024Garcinol: A novel and potent inhibitor of hyaluronidase enzymeAnsari AbuzarArticle
2024Organic and inorganic pollutants removal from tannery effluent using electrocoagulation techniqueAnsari AbuzarArticle
2024Synthesis structural optical and mechanical properties of Nb3+ doped Zinc Borophosphate glass for radiation shielding applicationAnsari AbuzarArticle
2024Comparison of Two Linearization-Based Methods for 3-D EIT Reconstructions on a Simulated Chest신관철Article
2024Cancer cell-specific and pro-apoptotic SMAC peptide-doxorubicin conjugated prodrug encapsulated aposomes for synergistic cancer immunotherapy김진성; 이용현; 김광명Article
2024Bi2O3/ZnO heterostructured semiconductor nanocomposites: synthesis, characterization and its visible light-induced degradation of methylene blue dyeAnsari AbuzarArticle
2024Brain Age Prediction Using Multi-Hop Graph Attention Combined with Convolutional Neural Network윤수정; 신태훈; 하은지; 주윤지Article
2024Cranes, Cultivating a New Knowledge Practice in Late-Chosŏn Korea: Knowledge Transformations Connected by Things이정Article
2024Parity bias for the partitions with bounded number of appearances of the part of size 1김은미Article