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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024Identification of Key Service Features for Evaluating the Quality of Metaverse Services: A Text Mining Approach유하연Article
2023Issues of virtual fashion influencers’ reproduced bodies: a qualitative analysis based on body discourse이세리Article
2023Observation of image quality for HDR micro LED display박영경Article
2022Human-AI Co-creation Practice to Reconfigure the Cultural Emotion : Han유현정Conference Paper
2022Illustration Design to Derive Storytelling for the Elderly in South Korea: (Traditional folklore of Heungbu and Nolbu) [국내 노년층의 스토리텔링 도출을 위한 그림 디자인 연구: (흥부와 놀부 전래 동화를 중심으로)]최유미; 성지은; 한지윤Article
2022Determining the color appearance of Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect for self-emissive displays박영경Article
2022Escape the Corset: How a Movement in South Korea Became a Fashion Statement through Social Media이세리Article
2022Constructing Data-Driven Personas through an Analysis of Mobile Application Store Data강수진Article
2021Flicker-Free Fringe-Field Switching Liquid Crystal Display Operable at Extremely Low Frequencies for Power Saving박영경Article
2021A pilot clinical study of ocular prosthesis fabricated by three-dimensional printing and sublimation technique박영경Article
2020Wayfinding Signage for People with Color Blindness최경실Article
2020Reconsideration on concepts and conditions of abstraction and figurativeness of animation최유미Article
2020Analysis on the shape and size of sanitary pads and user experience evaluation김수정; 김동은; 이수진Article
2020Cognitive effect on image quality in full ultra-high definition(8 K)박영경Article
2020Lightness prediction of mirror display by amending CIECAM02 to include specular reflection박영경Article
2020The impact of signboard-building color combinations on color harmony and legibility박영경Article
2020Compensation of color breaking in bi-focal depth-switchable integral floating augmented reality display with a geometrical phase lens박영경Article
2019A study of the brands characteristics using big data corpus analysis-focused on south korean sanitary pad brands-김수정; 이수진Article
2019Amendment of CIECAM02 with a technical extension to compensate Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect for chromatic characterization of display devices박영경Article
2018The Effects of the Physical Contact in the Functional Intimate Distance on User's Acceptance toward Robots곽소나Conference Paper