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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Population pharmacokinetic analysis of ropivacaine extended-release from a temperature-responsive hydrogel in rats이은경Article
2021A copula transformation in multivariate mixed discrete-continuous models안재윤Article
2021On a multivariate IFR and positively dependent lifetime model induced by multiple shot-noise processes차지환Article
2021Bayesian multivariate receptor modeling software: BNFA and bayesMRM오만숙; 이은경Article
2021Performance of the Surgical Pleth Index and Analgesia Nociception Index in Healthy Volunteers and Parturients이은경Article
2020Characterization of histone modification patterns and prediction of novel promoters using functional principal component analysis김미정Article
2021Variables acceptance reliability sampling plan for items subject to inverse Gaussian degradation process차지환Article
2020Understanding recurrent neural network for texts using English-Korean corpora송종우Article
2020Block bootstrapping for a panel mean break test신동완Article
2021Rejoinder to "Virtual age, is it real?"차지환Article
2021Bayesian analysis of multivariate crash counts using copulas오만숙; 안재윤Article
2021Optimal inspection for missions with a possibility of abortion or switching to a lighter regime차지환Article
2021Poisson generalized gamma process and its properties차지환Article
2021Optimal warranty policy with inspection for heterogeneous, stochastically degrading items차지환Article
2021Predictive risk analysis using a collective risk model: Choosing between past frequency and aggregate severity information안재윤Article
2020Independence test of a continuous random variable and a discrete random variable김미정Article
2020On hierarchical clustering in sufficient dimension reduction유재근Article
2020Clustering with varying risks of false assignments in discrete latent variable model이동환Article
2020An allometric pharmacokinetic model and minimum effective analgesic concentration of fentanyl in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery이은경Article
2020A hybrid preventive maintenance model for systems with partially observable degradation차지환Article