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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Improving classical optimal age-replacement policies for degrading items차지환Article
2023Optimal preventive maintenance strategy for populations of systems that generate outputs차지환Article
2023Sequential Likelihood-Free Inference with Neural Proposal주원영Article
2023Improving the age composition of dynamic populations of manufactured items차지환Article
2023Frequency and characteristics of patients with bispectral index values of 60 or higher during the induction and maintenance of general anesthesia with remimazolam이은경Article
-Interactive graphics for visually diagnosing forest classifiers in R이은경Article; Early Access
-Bootstrapping tests for breaks in mean or variance based on U-statistics신동완Article; Early Access
2023Investigating the spatio-temporal variation of hepatitis A in Korea using a Bayesian model김미정Article
2023On a nonlinear extension of the principal fitted component model유재근; 김경원Article
2022Overall assessment for selected markers from high-throughput data이동환Article
2022A new class of marginally regular multivariate counting processes generated by the mixture of multivariate Poisson processes차지환Article
2022Regional source apportionment of PM2.5 in Seoul using Bayesian multivariate receptor model오만숙Article
2022Balancing load and performance for different failure models차지환Article
2022Reducing degradation and age of items in imperfect repair modeling차지환Article
2022Subsample scan test for multiple breaks based on self-normalization신동완Article
2022Predictive performance of pharmacokinetic models for target concentration-controlled infusion of cefoxitin as a prophylactic antibiotic in patients with colorectal surgery이은경Article
2022Projective resampling estimation of informative predictor subspace for multivariate regression유재근Article
2022Replacement Policy for Heterogeneous Items Subject to Gamma Degradation Processes차지환Article
2022Two Reliability Acceptance Sampling Plans for Items Subject to Wiener Process of Degradation차지환Article