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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022An Interactive Online App for Predicting Diabetes via Machine Learning from Environment-Polluting Chemical Exposure Data오만숙Article
2022Application of Machine Learning Classification to Improve the Performance of Vancomycin Therapeutic Drug Monitoring이동환Article
2022Sparse multivariate functional principal component analysis김경원Article
2022How to improve oil consumption forecast using google trends from online big data?: the structured regularization methods for large vector autoregressive model신동완Article
2022Machine learning approach for study on subway passenger flow유재근; 김경원Article
2022Optimal preventive switching of components in degrading systems차지환Article
2022A new warranty policy for heterogeneous items subject to monotone degradation processes차지환Article
2022Revisiting the analysis pipeline for overdispersed Poisson and binomial data이동환Review
2022Development of a new pharmacokinetic model for target-concentration controlled infusion of vancomycin in critically ill patients이은경Article
2021On the ordering of credibility factors안재윤Article
2022Age-replacement policy for items described by stochastic degradation with dependent increments차지환Article
2022On a hazard (failure) rate process with delays after shocks차지환Article
2021A review on recent advances and applications of h-likelihood method이동환Review
2021A self-normalization break test for correlation matrix신동완Article
2021Variables acceptance reliability sampling plan based on degradation test차지환Article
2021Tree-Structured Regression Model Using a Projection Pursuit Approach이은경Article
2021SEEDCCA: An Integrated R-Package for Canonical Correlation Analysis and Partial Least Squares유재근Article
2021Identification of Major Psychiatric Disorders From Resting-State Electroencephalography Using a Machine Learning Approach이동환Article
2022On principal graphical models with application to gene network김경원Article
2022Development and evaluation of attachable anti-vibration handle김경원Article