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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022A shape preserving C2 non-linear, non-uniform, subdivision scheme with fourth-order accuracy윤정호Article
2022Energy quadratization Runge–Kutta scheme for the conservative Allen–Cahn equation with a nonlocal Lagrange multiplier이준엽Article
2022Super-convergence analysis on two symmetric Poisson solvers in octree grids민조홍Article
2022Isomorphisms among quantum Grothendieck rings and propagation of positivity오세진Article
2022Memory-Efficient Algorithm for Scalar Multiplications on Twisted Edwards Curves for Isogeny-Based Cryptosystems이향숙; 엄수경Article
2022<p>Strichartz estimates for higher-order Schrodinger equations and their applications</p>곽철광Article
2022Exact SDP relaxations of quadratically constrained quadratic programs with forest structures김선영Article
2022<p>Energy conserving successive multi-stage method for the linear wave equation</p>이준엽Article
2022<p>Auto-correlation functions of Sato-Tate distributions and identities of symplectic characters</p>오세진Article
2022Simply laced root systems arising from quantum affine algebras오세진Article
2022Cluster algebra structures on module categories over quantum affine algebras오세진Article
2022Characterization of p-ary functions in terms of association schemes and its applications이윤진Article
2022Further improvement on index bounds이윤진Article
2022A High-Order and Unconditionally Energy Stable Scheme for the Conservative Allen-Cahn Equation with a Nonlocal Lagrange Multiplier이준엽Article
2022Characterizations of Square Roots of Unitary Weighted Composition Operators on H-2고응일Article
2022Energy quadratization Runge-Kutta method for the modified phase field crystal equation이준엽Article
2021Localizations for quiver Hecke algebras오세진Article
2021On properties of C-normal operators고응일; 이미정Article
2022Self-orthogonal codes over Z4 arising from the chain ring Z4[u]/〈u2+1〉이윤진Article