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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Fluorescence engineering in metamaterial-assisted super-resolution localization microscope우정원Article
2023Microscopic Quantum Transport Processes of Out-of-Plane Charge Flow in 2D Semiconductors Analyzed by a Fowler–Nordheim Tunneling Probe이상욱; 신동훈Article
2023Anisotropic Charge Transport in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 by Heavy Alkali Postdeposition Treatment for Reducing Cell-to-Module Efficiency Loss in Monolithically Integrated Photovoltaic Modules조윌렴Article
2023Models of orientational disorder in hybrid organic-inorganic piezoelectric materialsAron WalshArticle
2023From Cubic to Hexagonal: Electronic Trends across Metal Halide Perovskite PolytypesAron WalshArticle
2023High-Performance and Lithography-Free Au/WS2/Ag Vertical Schottky Junction Solar Cells김동욱Article
2023Models of Polaron Transport in Inorganic and Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Titanium OxidesAron WalshArticle
2023Cernox thermometer under hydrostatic pressure for enhanced temperature accuracy강원Article
2023Exploring the High-Temperature Stabilization of Cubic Zirconia from Anharmonic Lattice DynamicsAron WalshArticle
2023Directive emission from polymeric fluorophore with epsilon-near-zero squaraine molecular film우정원Article
2023Wide-bandgap perovskites for multijunction solar cells: improvement of crystalline quality of Cs0.1FA0.9PbI1.4Br1.6 by using lead thiocyanate조윌렴; 김연수; Nguyen Bich Phuong; Nguyen Thi ThuyArticle
2023Quantization of Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity with a massless scalar김찬주Article
2023Thickness-dependent optical characteristics of WS2 flakes prepared by Au- and Ag-assisted exfoliation김동욱Article
2023Synthesis of Highly Crystalline Single-Phase CoNb2O6 Nanofibers at Low Temperature and Their Structural Characterizations윤석현; 김명화Article
2023Toward Nonepitaxial Laser Diodes노광동Review
2023Microscopic Origin of Electrochemical Capacitance in Metal-Organic FrameworksAron WalshArticle
2023PCMW2D and 2D Raman correlation spectroscopy evidence for presence of spin-phonon coupling in hexagonal LuMnO3양인상Article
2023Noise subtraction from KAGRA O3GK data using Independent Component Analysis김정리Article
2023TexAT detector upgrade for 14O(α,p)17F cross section measurement김정리Article
2023Constraints on the Cosmic Expansion History from GWTC-3김정리Article