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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020GW190521: A Binary Black Hole Merger with a Total Mass of 150 M-circle dot김정리Article
2021Unitarity of entanglement and islands in two-sided Janus black holes김찬주Article
2021Prospects of multimessenger astronomy in the next decades김정리Review
2021Modeling and Understanding the Compact Performance of h-BN Dual-Gated ReS2 Transistor이상욱Article
2021Exotic optoelectronic behaviors in CH3NH3PbCl3 perovskite single crystals: Co-existence of free and bound excitons with structural phase transitions조윌렴; 윤석현Article
2021Complete mapping of magnetic anisotropy for prototype Ising van der Waals FePS3강원Article
2021High speed growth of MAPbBr(3) single crystals via low-temperature inverting solubility: enhancement of mobility and trap density for photodetector applications조윌렴; 윤석현Article
2021Step-By-Step Atomic Insights into Structural Reordering from 2D to 3D MoS2이상욱Article
2021Semiconductor-less vertical transistor with I-ON/I-OFF of 10(6)이상욱Article
2021Demographic landscape of the KAGRA collaboration김정리Conference Paper
2021Vibration isolation systems for the beam splitter and signal recycling mirrors of the KAGRA gravitational wave detector김정리Article
2021Reduced extrinsic recombination process in anatase and rutile TiO2 epitaxial thin films for efficient electron transport layers조윌렴Article
2021All-sky search in early O3 LIGO data for continuous gravitational-wave signals from unknown neutron stars in binary systems김정리Article
2021The Cosmic-Ray Composition between 2 PeV and 2 EeV Observed with the TALE Detector in Monocular Mode양종만Article
2021A Gravitational-wave Measurement of the Hubble Constant Following the Second Observing Run of Advanced LIGO and Virgo김정리Article
2021Chlorine-passivation of ozone-treated SnO2 thin films: Occurrence of oxygen vacancies to manipulate conducting states and bipolarities in resistive switching조윌렴Article
2020Vertically-Oriented WS2 Nanosheets with a Few Layers and Its Raman Enhancements윤석현; 김명화Article
2021σ-Conjugation and H-Bond-Directed Supramolecular Self-Assembly: Key Features for Efficient Long-Lived Room Temperature Phosphorescent Organic Molecular Crystals우정원Article
2021The dual conformal box integral in Minkowski spaceMatthias Walter StaudacherArticle
2021The integrable (hyper)eclectic spin chain안창림; Matthias Walter StaudacherArticle