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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022The Current Status and Future Prospects of KAGRA, the Large-Scale Cryogenic Gravitational Wave Telescope Built in the Kamioka Underground김정리Article
2022UV and Visible Photodetectors of MAPbBr3 and MAPbCl3 Perovskite Single Crystals via Single Photocarrier Transport Design조윌렴Article
2022Search for intermediate-mass black hole binaries in the third observing run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo전건상; 김정리Article
2022Parallel Alignment of Methylammonium Cations in an Orthorhombic CH3NH3PbCl3Single Crystal Observed by Polarized Micro-Raman Scattering Spectroscopy조윌렴; 윤석현Article
20222D COS and PCMW2D analysis of the magnetic transitions in Raman spectra of BiFeO3양인상Article
2022Search of the early O3 LIGO data for continuous gravitational waves from the Cassiopeia A and Vela Jr. supernova remnants김정리Article
2022Python's lunches in Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity with matter김찬주Article
2022Enhanced Light Absorption and Efficient Carrier Collection in MoS2 Monolayers on Au Nanopillars조윌렴; 김동욱; 이상욱Article
2022Constraints on dark photon dark matter using data from LIGO's and Virgo's third observing run전건상Article
2022Search for continuous gravitational waves from 20 accreting millisecond x-ray pulsars in O3 LIGO data김정리Article
2022Orbital Gating Driven by Giant Stark Effect in Tunneling Phototransistors김동욱Article
2021Coherent Spin Control of Single Molecules on a SurfaceAndreas Heinrich; 최태영Article
2022Angularly quantized spin rotations in hexagonal LuMnO3양인상Article
2022Combinatorial solution of the eclectic spin chain안창림; Matthias Walter StaudacherArticle
2021Spin-Selective Hole-Exciton Coupling in a V-Doped WSe2 Ferromagnetic Semiconductor at Room TemperatureAndreas Heinrich; 최태영Article
2021Anomalous Light-Induced Charging in MoS2 Monolayers with Cracks김동욱Article
2022Imaging oersted field around current flowing wire based on a diamond scanning magnetometerAndreas HeinrichArticle
2022Carrier transport and working mechanism of transparent photovoltaic cells김동욱Article
2021Search for Lensing Signatures in the Gravitational-Wave Observations from the First Half of LIGO-Virgo's Third Observing Run김정리Article
2022Boundary conductance in macroscopic bismuth crystals강원Article