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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Parasitic gap patterns and hierarchy preservation in GermanIsaac GouldArticle
2022An Ambivalent Gaze at North Koreans in Guy Delisle's Pyongyang황준호Article
2021On wh-copying in MonIsaac GouldArticle
2021Narratives of "borders conquered, disfigured" in Myung Mi Kim's Under Flag황준호Article
2021Perceptions on generic exceptions윤영은Article
2020Monstrous National Allegory: The Making of Monstrous Otherness in Na Hong-jin's The Wailing신희섭Article
2020Multiple movement dependencies and parasitic gapsIsaac GouldArticle
2019Transnational Film Remaking and Destabilized Meanings: Reading Kim Jee-woon's The Good, the Bad, the Weird이형숙Article
2018An acquisition-based evaluation metric for competing syntactic theoriesIsaac GouldArticle
2017Verb class and instrument PPs: A mixed model analysis최혜원Article
2019Right to the City: The Metropolis and Gangnam Style최주리Article
2019Effects of gender on the use of voice onset time and fundamental frequency cues in perception and production of English stops오은진Article
2018Spectral patterns of the American English diphthong /aI/ as a function of coda voicing produced by native Korean speakers오은진Article
1996Total and partial predicates and the weak and strong interpretations윤영은Article
2000Dance and Democracy서숙Article
2017Cosmopolitan Practice, Asian Otherness, and a Localized Cosmopolitanism in Guy Delisle's Asian Travelogues황준호Article
2016MAN OF LA MANCHALaura MacDonaldTheater Review
2016The Vexed Location of Teaching American Studies in South Korea김민정Editorial Material
2016Verb Agreement in English Wh-Clefts: A Corpus-Based Study이승아Article
2014Connecting irony and humor with witticism and lightheartedness윤영은Article