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2005Mutational analysis of neurofilarnent light chain (NEFL) gene in Korean patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease박기덕; 최병옥Meeting Abstract
1999Molecular cloning of clathrin assembly protein gene (rCALM) and its differential expression to AP180 in rat brain김형래Article
2000Pericarditis due to Tsutsugamushi disease한운섭Article
2000Myxoid tissue in stent restenosis may be a provisional tissue in which active cell migration and synthesis of extracellular matrix (ECM) occur정익모Meeting Abstract
2004Mechanisms involved in prostaglandin E2-mediated neuroprotection against TNF-alpha: possible involvement of multiple signal transduction and beta-catenin/T-cell factor정영해Article
2004A 12-week clevudine therapy showed durable antiviral activity and normalization of alanine transminase levels for 6 months after discontinuation of treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis B.유권Meeting Abstract
2004Clevudine therapy for 24 weeks further reduced serum hepatitis B virus DNA levels and increased ALT normalization rates without emergence of viral breakthrough than 12-week clevudine therapy.유권Meeting Abstract
2004Clevudine re-administered to the patients with previous 12-weeks clevudine experience is as active as to the naive patients in terms of virological and biochemical responses.유권Meeting Abstract
2000Background nonselective cationic current and the resting membrane potential in rabbit aorta endothelial cells서석효Article
2006Insertion/deletion polymorphism of angiotensin converting enzyme gene in Kawasaki disease홍영미; 김혜순; 손세정Article