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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Theme-Based Instruction (TBI) program for kindergarten studentsLee, Da YoungMaster's Thesis
2014Practicing Spoken English Through Authentic MaterialCho, Min JungMaster's Thesis
2014Familiar EconomicsLee, Jung HwaMaster's Thesis
2014Become A Proficient Language UserJung, MarieMaster's Thesis
2014Learning Theme-based Vocabulary with the 'Magic School Bus'Chang, MihwaraMaster's Thesis
2014Learning English Grammar through Texts and TasksHan, JiheeMaster's Thesis
2014The Seven Continents of the WorldHwang, Ji NaMaster's Thesis
2014English for Project ManagementKim, YoungmiMaster's Thesis
2014Learning English through learning historical themesLee, Sung HyeMaster's Thesis
2014성취평가제에서의 고등학교 중국어 I 수업 통합형 과업중심 수행평가 설계이영림Master's Thesis