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2012고등학교 『중국어Ⅰ』 9종의 활동 자료 분석 및 지도방안 연구주미혜Master's Thesis
2012어린이 중국어 동요 교재 및 동영상 분석과 활용방안허진Master's Thesis
2012Task Based LearningLee, Seung EunMaster's Thesis
2012Learning English with Animated MoviesPark, Ji HyoungMaster's Thesis
2012Magaz-EnglishPark, Sun YoungMaster's Thesis
2012Success in English along with the FunKim, Ji HyeaMaster's Thesis
2012Building Cultural Bridges through Writing and DiscussionCHOI, STACEY EU JUNGMaster's Thesis
2012The Strange and the BizarreLee, SuminMaster's Thesis
2012Cultural-based Instructions Writing TextbookShin, Eun JaeMaster's Thesis
2012Play with EnglishOh, Hyun JooMaster's Thesis