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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Islands in proliferating de Sitter spaces최강신; 백종현Article
2022Post-Newtonian Feasibility of the Closed String Massless Sector최강신Article
2022Small-instanton transitions in F-theory최강신Article
2021Aligned natural inflation in the Large Volume Scenario최강신Article
2021Elliptic genus, anomaly cancellation and heterotic M-theory최강신Article
2019Transitions of orbifold vacua최강신Article
2017Hairs of discrete symmetries and gravity최강신Article
2017Discrete symmetries and hairs: Top-down and bottom-up approaches최강신Conference Paper
2017When My Community Met the Other: Competing Concepts of “Community” in Restorative Justice장원경Article in Press
2017E(lementary)-strings in six-dimensional heterotic F-theory최강신Article
2016An Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics: A Reader eds. by Marcus, Russell and Mark McEvoy: London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016, pp. xxx + 815, £75 (hardback).김세화Article in Press
2016Growth of citizen movements and changes in the political process in Korea and the US: Similarities and differences유성진Article
2012Modal Tense and the Absolutely Unrestricted Quantifier김세화Article
2009Counterlegals and the 'makes no difference' argument김세화Article
2011On Gilmore's Definition of 'Dead'김세화Article
2009A new interpretation of the indispensability argument김세화Article
2014A defence of semantic pretence hermeneutic fictionalism against the autism objection김세화Article
2014On the standard model group in F-theory최강신Article in Press
2010Two types of neutrality: Ambivalence versus indifference and political participation유성진Article
2012U(n) spectral covers from decomposition최강신Article