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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Meta-Analysis of Collaboration and Performance: Moderating Tests of Sectoral Differences in Collaborative Performance이승혁Article
2022The Triangular Axes of Universal Health Coverage Achievement: The Success Factors Behind Korean Community-Based Health Insurance Expansion강민아Article
2021Subnational Investment Promotion Agencies and Foreign Direct Investment in South Korea: A District-Level Analysis조정래Article
2021Disaster risk reduction, community resilience, and policy effectiveness: the case of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program in the United States이승혁Article
2021Combinations of Conditions for Network Effectiveness: A Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis of 37 International Development Intervention Cases강민아Article
2021Technological innovation, the kyoto protocol, and open innovation김유미Article
2021Is the male disadvantage real? Cross-national variations in sex gaps in COVID-19 incidence and mortality강민아; 배그린Article
2021Public preferences in resource allocation for insurance coverage of dental implant service in South Korea: Citizens’ jury강민아Article
1999Inside a Swiss Army Knife: An Assessment of AmeriCorps이근주Article
1998Altruists or egoists? retention in stipended service이근주Article
2001Stipended volunteers: Their goals, experiences, satisfaction, and likelihood of future service이근주Article
2002Are Computers Boosting Productivity? A Test of the Paradox in State Governments이근주Article
2019Spatial analysis of factors affecting location decisions of Korean companies in China김유미Article
2020Environmental and economic effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol김유미Article
2020Are they ideological renegades? Fathers' experiences on taking parental leave and gender dynamics in Korea: A qualitative study원숙연Article
2019Social capital or liability? Gender, network size and self-rated health (SRH) among community-dwelling adults in Lao People's Democratic Republic강민아; 김현수Article
2017Institutional Mechanisms and the Consequences of International Environmental Agreements김유미Article
2019Unique health identifiers for universal health coverage강민아; 배그린Article
2019The impact of environmental regulation on employment: an empirical study of China's Two Control Zone policy김유미Article
2018Are microfinance institutions in South-East Asia pursuing objectives of greening the environment?김유미Article