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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024Legitimation and Perversity: A Comparison of the Politics of Minimum Wage Reforms in Japan and South Korea윤지환Article
2023When old institutions pay off: a new entrepreneurial state in South Korea and its limit in incorporating small firms into semiconductor production윤지환Article
2022Different policies, different voices: gender and legislative coordination in the United States Congress이종곤Article
2022Holding mayors accountable? Policing and mayoral approval in American cities고민희Article
2022The virtuous circle of participation: Female candidates and women's engagement in Korean politics이종곤Article
2021Post-democracy and historicism: The hidden origin of the Korea-Japan trade war윤지환Article
2021From rule-taker to rule-promoting regulatory state: South Korea in the nearly-global competition regime조무형Article
2020Trump power: Maximum pressure and China's sanctions enforcement against North Korea김인한Article
2019Democracy in Myth: The Politics of Precariatization in South Korea윤지환Review
2019The chosŏnjok as a marginalized diaspora in south korea최은봉Article
2019Consultation without representation: How the conservative governments in japan and korea capitalized on labor-inclusionary institutions against labor윤지환Article
2020Beyond Continuity: The Defiance of Ordinary Citizens and the 2016 Candlelight Protests in South Korea윤지환Article
2020Transforming incinerators into community amenities? The Seoul experience고민희Article
2019From hierarchy to rivalry: Asian candidate evaluation in changing racial contexts고민희Article
2019Conservative Politics and Compassionate Paternalism in Korea and Japan No Way Out?윤지환Article
2014The Politics of Jobless Recovery in Late Industrializing Countries: Finland, South Korea and Poland Compared윤지환Article
2016Credibility, preferences, and bilateral investment treaties김용균Article
2016Building a Safe State: Hybrid Diffusion of Building Code Adoption in American States고민희Article
2017Transparent motives: democratic advantage in international credit markets김용균Article
2017States Sued: Democracy, the Rule of Law, and Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)김용균Article