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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023The mood effect: How mood, disclosure language and ad skepticism influence the effectiveness of native advertisingEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2023How Do Looming and Receding Emotional Faces Modulate Duration Perception?김성호Article
2020Actor and Partner Effects of Couple's Daily Stress and Dyadic Coping on Marital Satisfaction설경옥Article
2022Protective behavioral strategies are more helpful for avoiding alcohol-related problems for college drinkers who drink less김수영Article
2022Women's relative earnings and depressive symptoms in dual-earner households in South Korea: Traditional gender role attitudes as moderators설경옥Article
2022Multidimensional Profiles of Addictive Smartphone Use: A Latent Profile Analysis양수진Article
2022Inconsistent Media Mediation and Problematic Smartphone Use in Preschoolers: Maternal Conflict Resolution Styles as Moderators양수진Article
2022Sample Size Requirements for Simple and Complex Mediation Models김수영Article
2021Materialism, Wives' Relative Earnings, and Marital Satisfaction Among South Korean Couples: Actor and Partner Effects설경옥Article
2021Performance of second-order latent growth model under partial longitudinal measurement invariance: A comparison of two scaling approaches김수영Article
2021Development and Validation of a Symptom-Focused Quality of Life Questionnaire (KOQUSS-40) for Gastric Cancer Patients after Gastrectomy김아영Article
2020Effects of Social Media and Smartphone Use on Body Esteem in Female Adolescents: Testing a Cognitive and Affective Model양수진Article
2021A Directional Congruency Effect of Amplified Dilated Time Perception Induced by Looming Stimuli With Implied Motion Cues김성호Article
2020Social break up: Why consumers hide and unlike brands on FacebookEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2021Predicting Consumer Avoidance of Native Advertising on Social Networking Sites: A Survey of Facebook UsersEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020Prevalence of and Factors Associated with School Bullying in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-Cultural Meta-Analysis이승연Article
2020Influencer marketing on Instagram: How sponsorship disclosure, influencer credibility, and brand credibility impact the effectiveness of Instagram promotional post [照片墙网红营销:公开赞助, 网红信誉以及品牌可信度如何影响照片墙促销效果]Eunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020How age-morphed images make Me feel: The role of emotional responses in building support for seniorsEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020Comparison of the K-WISC-IV profiles of boys with autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder김현미Article
2020Activating persuasion knowledge in native advertising: the influence of cognitive load and disclosure languageEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article