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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Effects of Social Media and Smartphone Use on Body Esteem in Female Adolescents: Testing a Cognitive and Affective Model양수진Article
2021A Directional Congruency Effect of Amplified Dilated Time Perception Induced by Looming Stimuli With Implied Motion Cues김성호Article
2020Social break up: Why consumers hide and unlike brands on FacebookEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2021Predicting Consumer Avoidance of Native Advertising on Social Networking Sites: A Survey of Facebook UsersEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020Prevalence of and Factors Associated with School Bullying in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-Cultural Meta-Analysis이승연Article
2020Influencer marketing on Instagram: How sponsorship disclosure, influencer credibility, and brand credibility impact the effectiveness of Instagram promotional post [照片墙网红营销:公开赞助, 网红信誉以及品牌可信度如何影响照片墙促销效果]Eunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020How age-morphed images make Me feel: The role of emotional responses in building support for seniorsEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020Comparison of the K-WISC-IV profiles of boys with autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder김현미Article
2020Activating persuasion knowledge in native advertising: the influence of cognitive load and disclosure languageEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020The Good Mothering Expectations Scale: An International Instrument Development Study유성경Article
2020A comparison of Bayesian to maximum likelihood estimation for latent growth models in the presence of a binary outcome김수영Article
2020Bouba and Kiki inside objects: Sound-shape correspondence for objects with a hole김성호Article
2014Intra- and Intermanual Curvature Aftereffect Can Be Obtained via Tool-Touch김성호Article
2015Positive affect facilitates the effect of a warning on false memory in the DRM paradigm양수진Article
2016Assessing child bilingualism: Direct assessment of bilingual syntax amends caretaker report양수진Article
2017Are all interferences bad? Bilingual advantages in working memory are modulated by varying demands for controlled processing양수진Article
2018#Me and brands: understanding brand-selfie posters on social mediaEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2019Upward social comparison and Facebook users' grandiosity Examining the effect of envy on loneliness and subjective well-being양윤Article
2018Bilingualism positively predicts mathematical competence: Evidence from two large-scale studies양수진Article
2018Directional Bias for Vertical Integration of Motion Trajectories Investigation of an Ambiguous Bouncing-Bouncing Display김성호Article