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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Perceived economic security, relative <i>gratification</i>, and xenophobic sentiment during the Trump administration김현수Article
2023Shadow Labor in Care Services: Why Do South Korean Women Care Workers Work Such Long Hours and Get Paid So Little?이주희Article
2024Social Capital and Willingness to Comply With Anti-Pandemic Government Intervention김현수Article
2023Out the Gate: Towards a Rhizomatic Understanding of Methamphetamine Use in Aotearoa-New ZealandTrent M. BaxArticle
2021Examining the multilevel associations between psychological wellbeing and social trust: A primary analysis of survey data김현수Article
2023Social Conflict and Outgroup Sentiment in South Korea: Evidence from the Yemeni Anti-Refugee Campaign김현수Article
2023Are ‘cultural omnivores’ more accepting of outgroup members? Survey findings from a new immigrant destination김현수Article
2023Collective Social Capital, Outgroup Threat, and Americans’ Preference for Restrictive Immigration김현수Article
2023Does Misery Love Company? Multilevel Relationships between Perceived Age Discrimination and Happiness among Older Europeans김현수Article
2023“I Had No Problems and Just Felt So Fabulous”: The “Storylines” of Methamphetamine Initiation in Aotearoa/New ZealandTrent M. BaxArticle
2024Network Brokerage and Self-Rated Popularity Among Lao School-Based Children: Findings From Primary Survey Data김현수Article
2023Network Ties, Upward Status Heterophily, and Unanticipated Health Consequences김현수Article
2023Foreign-Born Population Growth, Negative Outgroup Contact, and Americans’ Attitudes Towards Legal and Unauthorized Immigration김현수Article
2022Examining the Complex (Curvilinear and Contingent) Associations between Social Distancing Compliance and Subjective Health during a Global Health Crisis김현수Article
2022Societal Violence, National Identification, and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: A Cross-national Study김현수Article
2022Resisting the Ecological Ruin of a Chinese Village: The Logic of Governmentality During the Communication, Supervision and Resolution of a Pollution ProtestTrent M. BaxArticle
2022Relational burden, depression, and loneliness among American older adults: an inquiry into the ‘dark side of social capital’김현수Article
2023Political Trust, Mental Health, and the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Cross-National Study김현수Article
2023Psychological Distress and Political Distrust during a Global Health Crisis: Evidence from a Cross-National Survey김현수Article
2024Social capital, food insecurity, and health outcomes in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic김현수Review