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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020The changing value of college education in Korea: Focusing on its heterogeneous wage returns across birth cohorts (1956-1986)김현수Article
2021Social distancing attitudes, national context, and health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic: Findings from a global survey김현수Article
2021Social Isolation and Psychological Distress During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-National Analysis김현수Article
2019Outgroup contact, anti-foreigner attitude, and social cohesion in the caucasus: Evidence from a population-based survey김현수Article
2019From virtual space to public space: The role of online political activism in protest participation during the Arab Spring김현수Article
2020Social capital and job search assistance: A multilevel analysis of East Asian countries김현수Article
2020Exploring the contingent associations between functional limitations and depressive symptoms across residential context: a multilevel panel data analysis김현수Article
2019Iljin in the Making The Life Course of Perpetrators of School Violence in South KoreaTrent M. BaxArticle
2019Parental overprotection and youth suicide behavior in low- and middle-income countries: a multilevel analysis of cross-national data김현수Article
2018Particularized trust, generalized trust, and immigrant self-rated health: cross-national analysis of World Values Survey김현수Article
2018A liability of embeddedness? Ethnic social capital, job search, and earnings penalty among female immigrants김현수Article
2018A comparison of ‘psychosocially problematic gaming’ among middle and high school students in China and South KoreaTrent M. BaxArticle
2018Desistance from and persistence in male offending: The case of South KoreaTrent M. BaxArticle
2018The Impact of Delinquent Friendship Networks and Neighborhood Context on Suicidal Ideation among South Korean Youths김현수Article
2017The impact of online social networking on adolescent psychological well-being (WB): a population-level analysis of Korean school-aged children김현수Article
2017South Korea: Work, care and the Wollstonecraft dilemma이주희Book Chapter
1989The emergence of a health insurance system in a developing country: the case of South Korea조성남Article
1997The Rise of Women's Education in the United States and Korea: A Struggle for Educational and Occupational Equality김병서Article
1997Fertility Control, Reproductive Rights, and Women's Empowerment in Korea조형Article
2006International marriages in South Korea: The significance of nationality and ethnicity조성남Article