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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Food Assistance and Children's Bullying: Parental Frustration as a Mediator홍준성Article
2024Parenting attitudes and behaviors among parents involved with the child welfare system and affected by substance use disorders윤현Article
2024Pathways From Bullying Victimization to Suicidal Thoughts Among Urban African American Adolescents: Applying the General Strain Theory홍준성Article
2024Sex and Racial/Ethnic Differences in School Security Measures, Bullying Victimization, and Perceived School Safety: Implications for Pediatric Health Care홍준성Article
2024Intervention to promote preventive dental care for older Korean-American Medi-Cal enrollees in Los Angeles장유리Article
2024Are Schools Stricter at the Border? Investigating the Relationships Between School Strictness, Juvenile Justice, and the Border홍준성Article
2024Internet Gaming Disorder and Mental Health Literacy: A Latent Profile Analysis of Korean Adolescents전종설Article
2024Bullying Victimization and Suicidal Thoughts: Emotional Distress and Neighborhood Conditions홍준성Article
2024Association of adversities and mental health among first- and second-generation Arab American young adults홍준성Article
2024Religiosity and Associations with Substance Use and Delinquency Among Urban African American Adolescents홍준성Article
2024Are adolescents in Chicago who report writing about violence less at risk of adverse outcomes when bullied?홍준성Article
2024The link between disability and social participation revisited: Heterogeneity by type of social participation and by socioeconomic status남궁은하Article
2024Shaping Citizenship in the Classroom: Peer Influences on Moral Disengagement, Social Goals, and a Sense of Peer Community홍준성Article
2024Consequences of high school bullying on stress and health of Arab American college students홍준성Article
2024Perceived Anxiousness About COVID-19 and Preventive Behaviors Among Dyads of Older Adults and Family Caregivers장유리Article
2023Environment matters: How are neighborhood structural indexes associated with parenting stress among Asian immigrant families?윤현Article
2023Extracurricular activities and bullying perpetration and victimisation in early and middle adolescence홍준성Article
2023Introduction to the Special Section “The Impact of Youth Violence on Sexual Health of Adolescents from National and International Perspectives”홍준성Article
2024Coparenting profiles and children's socioemotional outcomes in unmarried parents with low-income윤현Article
2024Relationship of Living and Eating Arrangements to Mental Distress Among Older Korean Immigrants: Gender Difference in the Mediating Role of Loneliness정순둘Article