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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Examining the Causal Impact of Prenatal Home Visiting on Birth Outcomes: A Propensity Score Analysis조영민Article
2021Living Environments and Child Development: Comparing Two Groups of Out-of-Home Children정익중Article
2021The Role of Social Networks on Depressive Symptoms: A Comparison of Older Koreans in Three Geographic Areas정순둘Article
2021Understanding the link between exposure to fine particulate matter and internalizing problem behaviors among children in South Korea: Indirect effects through maternal depression and child abuse정익중Article
2020Profiles of Social Engagement and Their Association With Loneliness and Self-Rated Health Among Older Korean Immigrants정순둘Article
2021The Effect of Social Capital and Family Support on Loneliness among Korean Adults: Intergenerational Differences정순둘Article
2020E-Cigarette, Cigarette, and Dual Use in Korean Adolescents: A Test of Problem Behavior Theory전종설Article
2020Cyberbullying victimisation and school dropout intention among South Korean adolescents: the moderating role of peer/teacher support전종설Article
2020A Comparative Study of Cohorts for Children's Body Mass Index Changes정익중Article
2020Longitudinal reciprocal relationships between self-esteem, family support, and life satisfaction in Korean multicultural adolescents노충래Article
2019Social enterprise and sustainable development in Bangladesh and Korea: Opportunities and challenges조상미Article
2020Public Health Threat of Tobacco and Substance Use in Asia: An Introduction to the Theme Issue전종설Article
2020Assessing Satisfaction of Children in out-of-Home Care: Development of Korean out-of-Home Care Satisfaction Scale정익중Article
2020An international systematic review of cyberbullying measurements전종설Article
2020The association between residential mobility and adolescents' health: The mediating role of neighborhood social cohesion조영민Article
2020The effects of autonomy support and psychological capital on readiness for independent living through personal growth initiative among youth in out-of-home care양옥경Article
2020The effects of the stigma trajectory of adolescents in out-of-home care on self-esteem and antisocial behavior정익중; 안은미Article
2020A Typology of Social Networks and Its Relationship to Psychological Well-Being in Korean Adults정순둘Article
2020Factors Related to Intimate Partner Violence and Survivors' Help-Seeking among College Students in South Korea전종설Article
2019Factors Associated With Types of Sexual Assault Victimization and Bystander Behavior Among South Korean University Students전종설Article