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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023The impact of a local human capital shock: evidence from World War II veterans이종관Article
2023Is OCIO superior in asset allocation performance?김세완Article
2023Task specialization and low-skilled immigration in a highly educated country: Evidence from Korea이종관Article
2023Bilateral information disclosure in adverse selection markets with nonexclusive competition *윤정열Article
2022The Impact of Inflation Shocks on House Prices and Household Debt in the Presence of LTV Ratio Restrictions석병훈Article
2022Introductory pricing and subscription as signals김성현Article
2022The rise of low-skill service employment: The role of dual-earner households이종관Article
2022To move or not to move? Immigration and natives' neighborhood choices in Seoul, Korea이종관Article
2022The Impact of Top Incomes Biases on the Measurement of Inequality in the United StatesVladimir HlasnyArticle
2022Does the elderly's private pension ownership intensify aggregate equity demand? Empirical evidence in the US김세완Article
2022Language Proficiency and Subjective Well-being: Evidence from Immigrants in Australia이종관Article
2022Macroeconomic impacts of increasing the minimum wage: The case of Korea석병훈Article
2022Asymptotic behavior of cross spectral density estimator at the zero frequency in the presence of degeneracy이진Article
2021Asymptotic property of least squares estimators for explosive autoregressive models with a drift이진Article
2022Youth labor market vulnerabilities: evidence from Egypt, Jordan and TunisiaVladimir HlasnyArticle
2021Research Materials Jaroslav Bařinka: Reflections on Czechoslovak-Korean Cold War EncountersVladimir HlasnyArticle
2021Redistributive effects of fiscal policies in Mexico: Corrections for top income measurement problemsVladimir HlasnyArticle
2021Compensation disparity between risk averse agents under adverse selection and moral hazard김성현Article
2021Identification and Estimation of Installed-Base Effects for Product Adoption Under Sample Attrition and Homophily박민정Article
2021On the Long-Term Effect of Recent Housing Policies in Korea석병훈Article