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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Estimating installed-base effects in product adoption: Borrowing IVs from the dynamic panel data literature박민정Article
2020Does Trade Elasticity Vary Across Regimes? New Evidence from Korean Exports, Incorporating Regime Changes*김세완Article
2021Induced Effects of Environmentally Friendly Generations in Korea김윤경Article
2011Anti-competitiveness of instant messenger tying by microsoft방세훈Article
2013Price discrimination via information provision방세훈Article
2020Tax reform for the energy transition in Korea’s power generation sector김윤경Article
2020Embodied CO(2)Emission Changes in Manufacturing Trade: Structural Decomposition Analysis of China, Japan, and Korea김윤경Article
2019Asset inequality in the MENA: The missing dimension?Vladimir HlasnyArticle
2019Effects of incorrect detrending on the coherency between non-stationary time series processes이진Article
2019Household asset wealth and female labor supply in MENAVladimir HlasnyArticle
2019Monte carlo evidences on finite sample performances of the simulated integrated conditional moment estimator for the binary choice model송호신Article
2020Advertising and Market Structure in the US Mutual Fund Industry박민정Article
2020Structural change in the trend and cycle in Korea석병훈Article
2019Inflation co-movement in the Asean countries이진Article
2020Term premia in affine term structure models with unspanned macroeconomic factors: The case of Korea윤재호Article
2020Does credit supply accelerate business cycle changes in Korea?: Some new evidence by incorporating regime changes김세완Article
2020Density Forecast Evaluations via a Simulation-Based Dynamic Probability Integral Transformation윤재호Article
2020The effect of population composition by age on government spending policy송호신Article
2020Investment in social capital by the Korean elderly and baby-boomersVladimir HlasnyArticle
2020Nonresponse Bias in Inequality Measurement: Cross-Country Analysis Using Luxembourg Income Study SurveysVladimir HlasnyArticle