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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Developing children’s computational thinking through physical computing lessons김민경Article
2020Investigating elementary students' problem solving and teacher scaffolding in solving an Ill-structured problem김민경Article
2019Analysis of elementary school teachers' perceptions of mathematics-focused STEAM education in Korea김민경Article
2020Developing teacher professionalism for teaching socio-scientific issues: What and how should teachers learn?박지선Article
2019Relations among education, religiosity and socioeconomic variables박지선Article
2018Bridging social justice literacies: Elementary teachers' beliefs about the goals of multicultural education최진영Article
2017Toward a deep change: What factors influence teachers' implementation of multicultural curricula?최진영Article
1998Effects of integrating problem solving, interactive multimedia, and constructivism in teacher education김민경Article
2017Structural analysis of factors that influence professional learning communities in Korean elementary schools최진영Article
2017Understanding elementary teachers’ different responses to reform: The case of implementation of an assessment reform in South Korea최진영Article
2016Teaching for social justice: Voices from prospective South Korean elementary teachers최진영Article
2007Factors affecting problem finding depending on degree of structure of problem situation조연순Article
2016Sociomathematical norms and the teacher's mathematical belief: A case study from a Korean in-service elementary teacher김민경; 강선미Article
2014What are characteristics, patterns, and ways to promote communication in the English as a foreign language classroom at elementary school in Korea?정혜영Article
2015The study of constructed-response assessment of elementary mathematics education in Korea김민경Article
2016Mathematical abstraction in the solving of ill-structured problems by elementary school students in Korea김민경Article
2011The relationship between communication climate and elementary teachers' beliefs about alternative assessment최진영Article
2008Positive Illusion of exemplary altruists정혜영Article
2003Educational attainment and policy김정효Article
2011The creativity of Korean leaders and its implications for creativity education조연순; 정혜영; 최규리Article