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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020A corpus-based study of lexical bundles and moves by english l1 and l2 writers in medical journal abstracts이은주Article
2008'Fire your proofreader!' Grammar correction in the writing classroom신상근Review
2021Authorial references in single-author research articles of L2 english student writers and l1 english authors최연희Article
2022Can focus salvage the double accusative ditranstive construction in Korean? An experimental investigation이은경Article
2021Claims of Entitlements in Elementary EFL Co-teachingJosephine Lee(이미진)Article
2017Collaborative Planning in Process: An Ethnomethodological PerspectiveJosephine Lee(이미진)Article
2005Did they take the same test? Examinee language proficiency and the structure of language tests신상근Article
2020Doable and practical: A validation study of classroom diagnostic tests신상근Article
2011Examining the effects of differential instructional methods on the model of foreign language achievement신상근Article
2023Exploring AI-Generated English Relative Clauses in Comparison to Human Production이은경Article
2021Grammar modulates discourse expectations: evidence from causal relations in English and Korean이은경Article
2018Intervention effects in Persian: A pragmatic approach윤수연Article
2023Investigating a neural language model's replicability of psycholinguistic experiments: A case study of NPI licensing이은경Article
2022L2 pragmatic comprehension of aural sarcasm: Tone, context, and literal meaningJosephine Lee(이미진)Article
2014Lexical bundles in the Korean EFL teacher talk corpus: A comparison between non-native and native English teachers이은주Article
2023Like and dislike scales in couples’ argumentative interactionJosephine Lee(이미진)Article
2018Methodological Applications of Membership Categorization Analysis for Social Class ResearchJosephine Lee(이미진)Article
2017Multimodal turn allocation in ESL peer group discussionsJosephine Lee(이미진)Article
2021Perception-production asymmetry for Korean double accusative ditransitives이은경Article
2012"It Cannot Be Done Alone": The Socialization of Novice English Teachers in South Korea신상근Article