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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
-Effects of task types and time interval conditions on age-related decline in verbal working memory성지은Article; Early Access
2022Phonological and semantic strategies in a letter fluency task for people with Alzheimer's disease성지은Article
2022School adjustment of adolescents with sequential bilateral cochlear implants in mainstream school이영미Article
2022The Effects of Reading Fluency Intervention via Tele-practice Parent Coaching on Parent’s Intervention Strategies and the Reading Fluency Skills of Children with Cochlear Implants김영태; 이영미Article
2022ERP Evidence of Working Memory Capacity and Signal-to-Noise Ratio Effects on Sentence Plausibility Tasks in Elderly Adults성지은Article
2022Effects of Working Memory Capacity and Noise Placement on Passive Sentence Processing in Elderly Adults: An Eye-Tracking Study성지은Article
2022The Effect of Home Literacy Environment on Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Skills in Preschool Children임동선Article
2022Temporal Properties of Vocal Turn-Taking between Parents and Young Children with Typical Development: A Systematic Review and Metaanalysis이영미Article
2022The Effect of the Strategy of Three Types Questions in Interactive Book Reading on Language Delayed and Typically Developed Children's Learning of Vocabulary임동선Article
2022Age-related Differences in Word Recognition Tasks according to Visual Interference and Noun Imagery [단어재인 과제에서 시각적 방해자극 및 명사 심상성에 따른 청년층 및 노년층 간 수행력 비교]성지은Article
2022The Influence of Children’s Temperament, Phonological Working Memory, Mother Related Factors, and Language Environment on Vocabulary Development in Korean Monolingual and English-Korean Bilingual Children [아동의 기질, 음운작업기억, 어머니 관련 요인 및 언어환경이 한국어 단일언어아동과 영어-한국어 이중언어아동의 어휘발달에 미치는 영향]임동선Article
2022Longitudinal Study of Child-Parent Verbal Interaction Characteristics of Preschool Children Who Do and Who Do Not Stutter: Mothers’ Articulation rate and Naturalness in Relation to Children’s Disfluencies and Articulation rate [학령전기 말더듬아동과 일반아동 부모의 구어적 상호작용 특성에 관한 종단연구: 부모의 조음속도 및 말의 자연스러움과 아동의 조음속도, 비유창성을 중심으로]심현섭; 이영미Article
2022Articulatory Characteristics as Functions of Articulation Distance and Articulatory Direction in Children with Cochlear Implants [조음위치 및 조음운동방향에 따른 인공와우이식 아동의 조음 특성]심현섭; 이영미Article
2022Treatment Efficacy of Working Memory Plus Melodic Intonation Therapy for People with Dementia of Alzheimer’s Type [MIT 기법을 적용한 구어작업기억 중재가 알츠하이머형 치매환자에게 미치는 효과]성지은Article
2022Aging-Related Dissociation of Spatial and Temporal N400 in Sentence-Level Semantic Processing: Evidence From Source Analyses성지은; 전상범; 안소라Article
2022What Eye Movement Reveals Concerning Age-Related Dissociation in Syntactic Prediction: Evidence From a Verb-Final Language성지은Article
2022Age-Related Differences in the Perception of Emotion in Emotional Speech: The Effects of Semantics and Prosody심현섭; 이영미Article
2021Benefit of Bilateral Cochlear Implantation on Phonological Processing Skills in Deaf Children이영미Article
2021The Effect of Visual Feedback on the Voice Control Ability of Pre-lingual Deafened Young Adults with Cochlear Implants심현섭; 이영미Article
2021The Effect of Intervention Using a Gamification-Based Morphological Approach on the Writing Skills of Children with Poor Writing Skills김영태; 이영미Article