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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Improving constraints on gluon spin-momentum correlations in transversely polarized protons via midrapidity open-heavy-flavor electrons in p ↑+p collisions at s =200 GeV한인식Article
2023Genetic Diversity of Dengue Vector Aedes albopictus Collected from South Korea, Japan, and Laos정종우Article
2023Low-pT direct-photon production in Au plus Au collisions at root sNN=39 and 62.4 GeV한인식Article
2023Investigation of Mg-22 levels via resonant scattering of Ne-18 + alpha한인식Article
2023Development of the STARK detector for nuclear reaction studies한인식Article
2023Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Understandings and Task Values of the Science Practices Advocated in the NGSS in the US최애란Article
2023Multiple Mechanisms in Proton-Induced Nucleon Removal at ∼100 MeV/Nucleon한인식Article
2023Study on the application of SiPM to γ ray and charged particle measurement using scintillation crystals한인식; 김정리Article
2023Level structures of 56,58Ca cast doubt on a doubly magic 60Ca한인식Article
2023Transverse single-spin asymmetry of midrapidity π0 and η mesons in p+Au and p+Al collisions at sNN =200 GeV한인식Article
2023Search for solar bosonic dark matter annual modulation with COSINE-100한인식Article
2023Measurement of Direct-Photon Cross Section and Double-Helicity Asymmetry at s =510 GeV in p → + p → Collisions한인식Article
2023Measurement of phi-meson production in Cu plus Au collisions at root sNN=200 GeV and U plus U collisions at root sNN=193 GeV한인식Article
2023Gravitational waves by perturbation of a slowly rotating thin-shell wormhole김성원Article
2023Cytoprotection of Probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus with Artificial Nanoshells of Nature-Derived Eggshell Membrane Hydrolysates and Coffee Melanoidins in Single-Cell Nanoencapsulation박지훈Article
2023Enhancing Indonesian college students’ views of social responsibility of scientists and engineers: The enact model intervention이현주Article
2023Chemodynamical Analysis of Metal-rich High-eccentricity Stars in the Milky Way's Disk안덕근Article
2023An induced annual modulation signature in COSINE-100 data by DAMA/LIBRA's analysis method한인식Article
2023Promoting engineering students’ social responsibility and willingness to act on socioscientific issues이현주Article
2022Southwestern boundary of the N=40 island of inversion: First study of low-lying bound excited states in 59V and 61V한인식Article