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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Application of Intramolecular Singlet Fission in Photovoltaics: Control over Multiexciton Generation and Triplet–Triplet Annihilation박지훈Article
2020Chemically Robust Antifog Nanocoating through Multilayer Deposition of Silica Composite Nanofilms박지훈Article
2021Creation and annihilation of a wormhole in a matter-dark energy universe김성원Review
2021First record of the complete mitochondrial genome of the mantis shrimp, Gonodactylaceus randalli (Manning, 1978) (Stomatopoda: Gonodactylidae)정종우Article
2020Chronological characteristics for snow accumulation on Styx Glacier in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica이정훈Article
2021Transverse single-spin asymmetries of midrapidity pi(0) and eta mesons in polarized p plus p collisions at root s=200 GeV한인식Article
2021The Photometric Metallicity and Carbon Distributions of the Milky Way's Halo and Solar Neighborhood from S-PLUS Observations of SDSS Stripe 82안덕근Article
2021A Blueprint for the Milky Way's Stellar Populations. II. Improved Isochrone Calibration in the SDSS and Pan-STARRS Photometric Systems안덕근Article
2021Measurement of the cosmic muon annual and diurnal flux variation with the COSINE-100 detector한인식Article
2021Transverse momentum dependent forward neutron single spin asymmetries in transversely polarized p plus p collisions at root s=200 GeV한인식Article
2021Review of Seawater Intrusion in Western Coastal Regions of South Korea이정훈Review
2021Advanced Dual-Satellite Method for Detection of Low Stratus and Fog near Japan at Dawn from FY-4A and Himawari-8유정문; 최용상Article
2021Lowering the energy threshold in COSINE-100 dark matter searches한인식Article
2021First spectroscopic study of( 51)Ar by the (p,2p) reaction한인식Article
2020Analyzing college students' dialogic argumentation in the context of nanotechnology issues based on idiocentrism and allocentrism이현주Article
2020Cross-national investigation of teachers' pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in the US and South Korea: what proxy measures of teacher quality are related to PCK?최애란Article
2021Complete mitochondrial genome of Aedes flavopictus (Yamada, 1921) (Diptera: Culicidae) collected in South Korea정종우Article
2020Study of spin-isospin response of 11Li neutron-drip-line nucleus with PANDORA한인식Conference Paper
2021Complete mitochondrial genome of Cyclograpsus intermedius Ortmann, 1894 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Grapsoidea) specimen collected in South Korea정종우Article
2021Isospin diffusion measurement from the direct detection of a quasiprojectile remnant한인식Article