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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021First spectroscopic study of 51Ar by the (p,2p) reaction한인식Article
2020Analyzing college students' dialogic argumentation in the context of nanotechnology issues based on idiocentrism and allocentrism이현주Article
2020Cross-national investigation of teachers' pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in the US and South Korea: what proxy measures of teacher quality are related to PCK?최애란Article
2021Complete mitochondrial genome of Aedes flavopictus (Yamada, 1921) (Diptera: Culicidae) collected in South Korea정종우Article
2020Study of spin-isospin response of 11Li neutron-drip-line nucleus with PANDORA한인식Conference Paper
2021Complete mitochondrial genome of Cyclograpsus intermedius Ortmann, 1894 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Grapsoidea) specimen collected in South Korea정종우Article
2021Isospin diffusion measurement from the direct detection of a quasiprojectile remnant한인식Article
2021Development of an array of fourteen HPGe detectors having 70% relative efficiency each한인식Article
2021Measurement of the background activities of a 100Mo-enriched powder sample for an AMoRE crystal material by using fourteen high-purity germanium detectors한인식Article
2020N=32 shell closure below calcium: Low-lying structure of Ar 50한인식Article
2020Hydrogeological characteristics of groundwater and surface water associated with two small lake systems on King George Island, Antarctica이정훈Article
2020Material-Selective Polydopamine Coating in Dimethyl Sulfoxide박지훈Article
2020Production of b(b)over-bar at forward rapidity in p plus p collisions at root s=510 GeV한인식Article
2020Production of pi(0) and eta mesons in U plus U collisions at root S-NN=192 GeV한인식Article
2020Improved intensities for the gamma transitions with E-gamma > 3 MeV from Pb-208한인식Article
2020Complete mitochondrial genome of the mantis shrimp, Chorisquilla orientalis Hwang, Ahyong, & Kim, 2018 (Stomatopoda: Protosquillidae)정종우Article
2020Analysis of solute transport by the relationship between solute concentration and meltwater discharge in a snowpack [스노우팩 내에서 융설 배출수와 용질 농도 간의 상관관계를 통한 용질의 이동 해석]이정훈Article
2020Development of a calibration system for stable water vapor isotope measurements using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscope [공동 광자 감쇠 분광기를 이용한 수증기 안정 동위원소비 측정을 위한 검정법 개발]이정훈Article
2020A review on the effects of changes of land cover and land use on groundwater-level variations [지표피복 및 토지이용 변화에 따른 지하수 수위 변동 - 리뷰]이정훈Review
2020Effects of an earthquake on the variations of hydrogeochemistry of groundwater - A review [Review - 지진에 의한 지하수의 수리지구화학적 변동에 대한 고찰]이정훈Review