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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Secondary Use Provisions in the European Health Data Space Proposal and Policy Recommendations for Korea이원복Review
2023Development of Korea Neuroethics Guidelines최경석Article
2023Concordance of International Regulation of Pediatric Health Research이원복Article
2022A Life Experience Study on the Recovery of Alcohol Dependent Homeless Individuals in Korea신승남Article
2022Streamlining ethics review for international health research Single-site review means protection and efficiency이원복Review
2021The Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic이원복Letter
2019A phenomenological case study on immigrant workers' gambling addiction in Korea신승남Article
2020A qualitative case study of a Korean former addict’s existential self-interpretation and identity transformation신승남Article
2019Women (through) architecture박귀천Article
2020A Study of the Development of Alcohol Use Disorder in Muslim Immigrant Workers in Korea신승남Article
2019Women (through) architecture박귀천Article
2018Review of the recent Supreme Court decision on the causal relationship of occupational diseases도재형Review
2018A Qualitative Case Study on Recovery and Personal Growth in Korean Drug Addicts신승남Article
2002Financial responsibility rules under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990김인호Article
2004OPA 90 and the decision to own or charter tank vessels김인호Review
2005Globalization in legal education of Korea오수근Review
2018A critical assessment of abortion law and its implementation in South Korea배현아Article
2017한·일 사업재편 지원 제도에 관한 비교법적 연구서예지Doctoral Thesis
2016Biobank Regulation in South Korea이원복Article
2007Medico-legal consideration of gastric lavage in acutely intoxicated patients [4]배현아Letter