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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024멸종위기종 담비(Martes flavigula)와 삵(Prionailurus bengalensis)의 보전 우선지역 분석정아미Master's Thesis
2024Development of non-equilibrium based DNA hybridization for ultra-fast quantification of functional genes이주연Master's Thesis
2024Characteristics of Carbonaceous Components and Organic Compounds in PM2.5 at Noto, a Background Site of North East AsiaKondo, MinamiMaster's Thesis
2023낙동강 유역의 비점오염원관리를 위한 토지이용 및 토지피복(LULC)자료 기반의 XGBoost 모델 구축심선희Master's Thesis
2023농경지 질소 순환 관련 미생물 활성과 토양의 물리화학적 특성과의 상관성이예진Master's Thesis
2023Potential Source Density Function Discretized김정은Master's Thesis
2023Real Time Measurements of the Secondary Aerosol Formation and Aging from Ambient Air Using an Oxidation Flow Reactor in Seoul During Winter박유진Master's Thesis
2023Linkage of OC Components in PM2.5 with Aerosol Liquid Water during the Winter and Summer in the Megacities of Northeast Asia (Seoul and Beijing)심아윤Master's Thesis
2023Determination of HONO concentrations in Seoul, Korea using CIMS and HONO formation김경진Master's Thesis
2023Differential Temperature Responses of Greenhouse Gases Released from Riverine and Floodplain SedimentsMaidina, ZhumabiekeMaster's Thesis
2022중금속 및 유류 오염 토양의 rhizoremediation을 위한 중금속 내성 식물 생장 촉진 근권세균의 접종 효과이수연Master's Thesis
2022유류오염토양의 rhizoremediation과정에서 N2O 배출에 미치는 Pseudomonas sp.의 접종 효과김지윤Master's Thesis
2022황산염 생성 Box model algorithm 개발 및 pH에 따른 매질별 반응 기여도 연구이아론Master's Thesis
2022기후변화에 따른 습지 생태계 내 우점 식물종의 증감 분석최재인Master's Thesis
2022유류오염 토양 정화 과정에서 메탄 배출에 미치는 메탄 산화 세균의 접종 효과이지호Master's Thesis
2022Advanced drone application on the evaluation of air pollution for large industrial sources최우영Master's Thesis
2022도심지역 내 경관 및 녹지 네트워크 분석정희정Master's Thesis
2022Characteristics of Chemical Composition in PM2.5 including carbonaceous components during Winter 2020 and Summer 2021 at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia이은지Master's Thesis
2022Statistical and Visual Analyses of the Water Quality Changes in the Yeongsan River김유흔Master's Thesis
2022Enhancement of Bioremediation Performance of Diesel-Contaminated Soil Using Compost Amendment and Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacteria양효주Master's Thesis