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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Study of Electrospun Cobalt-Based Bimetallic Nanomaterials for Water Splitting유아름Doctoral Thesis
2017Enhanced Production of Therapeutic Polyketides Using Heterologous Production System김은지Doctoral Thesis
2016Layered Double Hydroxide as Injectable Drug Delivery Nanovehicle with Targeting Function최고은Doctoral Thesis
2021Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity Studies of Mononuclear Nonheme High-Valent Iron-Imido ComplexesLU, XIAOYANDoctoral Thesis
2021Synthesis and Characterization of Cu2Se-based Nanostructured Materials and Their Thermoelectric PropertiesJin, YingshiDoctoral Thesis
2021Nanoparticle/Polymer HybridsHU XIAOLEDoctoral Thesis
2015Development of an efficient heterologous production system of polyketide natural products김은지Doctoral Thesis
2020Enantioselective Resolution of Racemic Amino Acids by Liquid-Liquid Extraction Using Chiral Extractors with tert-Butyl Ketone GroupJIN YINGJIDoctoral Thesis
2019Low Dimensional Nanostructured Materials for Rechargeable Metal-Ion Batteries오승미Doctoral Thesis
2018Study of Nonaqueous and Microscopic Electrodeposition and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy on Iridium Nanofibers조아라Doctoral Thesis
2017Discovery of GPR40 Agonists as Potent Antidiabetic Agents안경미Doctoral Thesis
2016Differentiation of Tonsil derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Bioactive Thermogelling Systems문효정Doctoral Thesis
2015Characterization of the Biosynthetic Route to FK506 and Mutasynthesis of FK506 Analogues반연희Doctoral Thesis
2020Inorganic Layered Nanomaterials for the Wastewater TreatmentMUBARAK, MAHFUZADoctoral Thesis
2020Mechanistic Study of Electron-Transfer Reactions by Ground State and Photoexcited State of Nonheme Mononuclear Manganese-Oxo Complexes Binding with Lewis AcidsSHARMA, NAMITADoctoral Thesis
2020Nanostructured Materials for High Performance Perovskite Photovoltaic and Photodetector Devices권한나Doctoral Thesis
2017Electrochemical Applications for Electrocatalysts of One Dimensional Nanomaterials김수진Doctoral Thesis
2018Study of the Relation between Electrochemical and Physical Characteristics of Various Electrode Materials조윤빈Doctoral Thesis
2016Highly sensitive organic functional materials driven by the design of chromophores이송이Doctoral Thesis
2019Novel Transformations of N-Sulfonyl-1,2,3-Triazoles and α-Diazoacetates정다정Doctoral Thesis