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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Analyzing dependency in income and mortgage loan data by using general bivariate distributions박소연Master's Thesis
2022네이버 영화 리뷰 데이터를 이용한 의미 분석(Semantic Analysis)김소진Master's Thesis
2022A comparison of classification methods for microbiome compositional data analysis김윤희Master's Thesis
2022Applying Binary and Count Sampling Strategies for Zero-Inflated Models주선미Master's Thesis
2022Consideration of social distancing phase for estimating time-dependent reproduction numbers김혜린Master's Thesis
2022베이지안 네트워크와 인과 추론을 통한 마케팅 데이터 분석이재빈Master's Thesis
2022암호화폐 시장의 무리행동 분석한예슬Master's Thesis
2022자전거 교통사고 심각도의 베이지안 변수 선택 및 순서적 모델 적용김하림Master's Thesis
2022다양한 모델과 훈련 데이터 구성에 따른 챗봇 성능에 대한 연구마시현Master's Thesis
2022Modelling of the lifetime of a warm standby system based on reversed hazard rate order김수현Master's Thesis
2022Model-based Functional Clustering of Fine Particulate Matter Time Series Data장서영Master's Thesis
2022Discovery of sequential pattern in e-commerce shopping data using SPADE algorithm김나윤Master's Thesis
2022영과잉 가산 자료 예측력 향상을 위한 회귀모형 및 표본추출 연구김보민Master's Thesis
2022Neural Forecasting of the Mortality of COVID-19 using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Model고유정Master's Thesis
2022베이지안 변수 선택 기법을 적용한 영화평점 예측 머신러닝 모형 비교최정윤Master's Thesis
2022LSTNet을 이용한 KOSPI 예측최윤희Master's Thesis
2022Improved Neural Bonus-Malus System with the Adjusted A Priori Rate이혜린Master's Thesis
2022Predictive Analysis with Recurrent Neural Network using Synthetic Time Series Data generated from Autoencoder이채영Master's Thesis
2022Modelling of the Lifetime of a Load-Sharing System and Optimal Load Allocation유채연Master's Thesis
2022Neural Bonus Malus System with Shared Transition Rule신승은Master's Thesis