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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021nlmeVPC강은화Master's Thesis
2021베이지안 변수 선택 기법을 이용한 서울 톨게이트 변수 선택감미론Master's Thesis
2021베이지안 분위회귀모형을 이용한 지역별 인구수 분석김민영Master's Thesis
2021다양한 분석 툴을 이용한 추천 시스템에 대한 연구조주영Master's Thesis
2021A Hybrid of VECM and LSTM for Forecasting Multivariate Time Series김미현Master's Thesis
2021Predictive Analysis based on the Data Reproduction using Generative Adversarial Network최연우Master's Thesis
2021Predictive Analysis based on the Synthesized Data using Variational Auto Encoder김효정Master's Thesis
2021Forecasting Stock Volatility Using Deep Learning Methods with Search Queries서영은Master's Thesis
2021A Study on the Minimum and Maximum Lifetimes under Stochastic Dependence이가경Master's Thesis
2021Stochastic Comparison of System Lifetimes with Redundancy이다영Master's Thesis
2021Predictive Analysis based on the Synthesized Data using AutoEncoder이아람Master's Thesis
2021Fused Dimension Reduction for Multivariate Regression조유영Master's Thesis
2021Iterative Projection Approach of Fused Sliced Inverse Regression한효선Master's Thesis
2021Traffic Flow Prediction in Seoul Metropolitan Area using Functional Principal Component Analysis박지아Master's Thesis
2021Non-technical Explanation on GLMM and its Application to Predictive Analysis in Insurance우나영Master's Thesis
2020Comparison of Customer Personalized Item Recommendation Algorithms Based on E-Commerce Data정혜윤Master's Thesis
2020Variable Selection using Bayesian Neural Network이다경Master's Thesis
2020Asymptotic Behavior of Volatility in Nonstaionary Augmented GARCH(1, 1) Model with Stationary Mixing Errors김주영Master's Thesis
2020A Hybrid Model Based on Fourier-ARIMA and LSTM for Seasonal Time Series Forecasting이남경Master's Thesis
2020Empirical Study on Statistical Matching Methods전예리Master's Thesis