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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009계층적 구조 기반의 효율적 패킷 분류 알고리즘에 관한 연구이수현Master's Thesis
2009A Relay-based OFDMA Architecture Ensuring Real-time Multimedia Services Using Cognitive Radio Cooperative Transmission강해린Master's Thesis
2009Blind deconvolution of bi-level images based on high order statistics장수현Master's Thesis
2009SDL을 이용한 Embedded Software 개발기법 및 그효용성에 관한 연구박채정Master's Thesis
2009High-speed Analog Front-end Circuit Designs for Optical Communications최부영Master's Thesis
2009Design of Magneto-logic based on Magnetic-Tunnel-Junction Elements and Verification using Emulation Cell이현주Master's Thesis
2009High-speed building blocks for optical transceivers한정원Master's Thesis
2009Efficient Implementation of WiMedia MAC최나다Master's Thesis
2009영역 분할을 이용한 패킷 분류 구조에 관한 연구김형기Master's Thesis
2009블룸 필터를 사용한 IP 주소 검색 구조에 관한 연구박경혜Master's Thesis
2009Differentiated Resource Reservation with Handover Clearing Relay for Heterogeneous Cellular Systems유혜인Master's Thesis
2009WiMedia MAC의 구현 및 효율적인 검증환경 구축김새롬Master's Thesis
2009Surrounding Gate MOSFET의 특성 분석 및 모델링손애리Master's Thesis
2009Cooperative MIMO Transmission with Adaptive Power Control based on Decentralized Cognitive Radio신수정Master's Thesis
2008Packet Classification Algorithms Using Bloom FiltersAlagupriya, Alagukonar GanapathyMaster's Thesis
2008워터마킹을 이용한 영상의 기하학적 왜곡 추정예지희Master's Thesis
2008128bit MRAM using CMOS Emulation Cell for LFS-MTJ이감영Master's Thesis
2008Quality of Service adaptive Relay Station for the 4^(th) Generation Mobile Communication Systems강연주Master's Thesis
2008Long-Channel Double-Gate MOSFET의 문턱전압 모델에 관한 연구양희정Master's Thesis
2007계층적 접근을 적용한 효율적인 패킷 분류 알고리즘추하늘Master's Thesis