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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022“Living on the Dark Side of the Moon”김혜준Master's Thesis
2022Unraveling “knotty feelings” in Zadie Smith’s White TeethKim, A YoungMaster's Thesis
2022Christian Stewardship and the Question of Freedom in The History of Sir George Ellison김여경Master's Thesis
2022Non-native Phonetic Convergence in Korean L2 Learners of EnglishANDRIANAKI, EVANTHIAMaster's Thesis
2021“[T]he garden says it all”조주영Master's Thesis
2021Stanley Kubrick’s Cinema of Fantastic Spectacle이정행Master's Thesis
2021“She Will Know That I Am a Mother”곽하은Master's Thesis
2021The English Abbey and the Modern Gothic Nation in Northanger Abbey and Emma하유림Master's Thesis
2021Rethinking the Homeland through Female Narratives in Hollywood Asian Family Films이지영Master's Thesis
2021Queer Blackness in James Baldwin's Another Country주시수Master's Thesis
2021Reconstructing the ‘Domestic’김아라Master's Thesis
2020Deterritorialization and Transposition in Dionne Brand’s Love Enough이신영Master's Thesis
2020생리학적 관점에서 본 『프랑켄슈타인』허민지Master's Thesis
2020Theater of Whorish Bodies in Titus Andronicus and The Jew of Malta신유진Master's Thesis
2020Effects of L2 experience on the acquisition of English trisyllabic noun stress patterns by native Korean speakers김성연Master's Thesis
2020웨스턴 영웅과 폭력 서사의 전복배선영Master's Thesis
2020뮤지컬 <프랑켄슈타인>진가형Master's Thesis
2020The Acquisition of English Dative Constructions by Chinese EFL LearnersLIU, ZIWEIMaster's Thesis
2020An Investigation into Extraposition of Appositive Relative Clauses in English조해인Master's Thesis
2019르네상스의 아포리안 호모섹슈얼리티(Aporian Homosexuality)조경Master's Thesis