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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1980Charles Dickens의 Bleak House全昇惠Master's Thesis
1980現代 피카레스크 小說 硏究李金柱Master's Thesis
1980Virginia Woolf의 作品에 나타난 二面性안정희Master's Thesis
1980Shirley에 나타난 Charlotte Bronte의 리얼리즘吳貞和Master's Thesis
1980The Sound and the Fury, Sanctuary, Requiem for a Nun을 통해 본 Faulkner의 여성인물석계옥Master's Thesis
1980Robert Frost鄭玹全Master's Thesis
1980名詞形 動詞의 意味 硏究金明淑.Master's Thesis
1980言語記述에 있어서의 Q와 WH의 役割李明實.Master's Thesis
1980인물중심으로 본 The Plain Dealer와 The Double Dealer김화자Master's Thesis
1980A Study of consonant cluster simplification김수영Master's Thesis