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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Socio-Interactional Factors on the Task Complexity of L2 English Oral Pragmatic Tasks김현주Doctoral Thesis
2023Effects of Using Machine Translation on Korean Middle School Students’ English Writing Products, Revision, Error Types, and Affective Aspects손선영Doctoral Thesis
2023Effects of Oral Interaction with AR-based AI Chatbots on ESL Learners’ Speaking Competence, Interaction Management, Communication Strategies, and Affective Aspects강한나Doctoral Thesis
2023Effects of Creativity-Enhanced Tasks on Middle School Students’ English Performance, Creativity, and Perceptions of Students and Teachers on Creativity-Enhanced English Learning주하나Doctoral Thesis
2022Effects of Story Grammar Instruction on Korean EFL College Students’ Reading Comprehension, Key-Words Recall, and Reading Strategy Use이은경Doctoral Thesis
2021Effects of Virtual Reality on Listening Test Performance and Test-takers’ Perceptions of the Usefulness of Virtual Reality이아름Doctoral Thesis
2020A Contrastive Corpus-Based Analysis of Lexical Bundles between English L1 and English L2 Writers in Medical Journal Abstracts김은수Doctoral Thesis
2018Effects of Digital Textbooks on College EFL Learners’ Self-Regulated Learning, Language Skills, and Affective Aspects유지연Doctoral Thesis
2018Effects of Interlocutor Proficiency on Test-Takers’ Test Scores, Interaction Patterns, and Anxiety Levels in a Paired Speaking Test현일선Doctoral Thesis
2017Effects of Different Voice-Chat Conditions on Korean EFL Learners’ Speaking Ability, Oral Interaction, and Affective Factors김나영Doctoral Thesis
2012A Comparative Study of Argumentation Structure between Native and Non-Native Speakers of English계윤미Doctoral Thesis
2012Comment on Comment이지연Doctoral Thesis
2012EFL Writing Teacher Training for Responding to Student Writing진수경Doctoral Thesis
2012Effects of Teacher Feedback Utilization Practices on Korean EFL Learners’ Revision and Writing Development박성희Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Web-Based Instruction and Vocabulary Activity on Korean College Students’ Vocabulary Learning and Reading Comprehension김주연Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Author Voice Writing Instruction on EFL Learners’ Writing and Use of Linguistic Voice Features성민선Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Repeated Reading on Korean EFL High School Students’ Reading Fluency, Lexical Meaning Access, and Comprehension김성희Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Collaborative Corpus-Based Learning on the Acquisition and Retention of DVCs양정임Doctoral Thesis
2013Lexical Bundle Analysis in an EFL Teacher Corpus권예은Doctoral Thesis
2013Effects of Culturally Responsive Teaching with Technology on Korean EFL Learners' Cultural Awareness and Speaking Performance임경진Doctoral Thesis