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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021A search for antibiotic candidates targeting sugar nucleotidyltransferases using biochemical and X-ray crystallographic methods김수원Doctoral Thesis
2020TAZ is critical for homeostatic regulation of NRF2 in response to oxidative stress김효경Doctoral Thesis
2018Neuroprotective effects of eleutherin against oxidative glutamate toxicity in hippocampal HT22 cells남혜연Doctoral Thesis
2017Studies on (1) the antiplatelet mechanism of action of a novel PPARγ agonist, KR-62980 and (2) the antithrombogenic role of peroxiredoxin II in hyperlipidemic state왕수빈Doctoral Thesis
2017Development of potential anti-melioidosis agents targeting the heptose biosynthesis pathway using X-ray crystallography and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry박지민Doctoral Thesis
2017Comprehensive computational study of glutaminyl cyclase inhibitors, TRPV1 antagonists, and cytochrome P450 inhibitorsCUI MINGHUADoctoral Thesis
2017Characterization of Two Molecular Targets김지수Doctoral Thesis
2022Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in Community Based University Hospital Perceived by Physicians and Pharmacists박소현Doctoral Thesis
2022마황 및 에페드린 함유제제의 체중 감소 효과와 이상 반응에 관한 연구유희정Doctoral Thesis
2022Anticancer Activity of Nm23 Activator Small Molecules by Targeting Mitochondrial Dysfunction김보경Doctoral Thesis
2016Functional and Structural Studies on Calcium-binding Protein Secretagogin in Insulin Secretion양서윤Doctoral Thesis
2016Functional studies of Fas-associated factor 1 on immune response and cell motility송순화Doctoral Thesis
2021Development of Three-arm Junction Nucleic Acid Nanostructures for Programmable Gene Regulation장보라Doctoral Thesis
2021PART Ⅰ. Therapeutic strategy of gefitinib resistance in NSCLC by HSP27 inhibition PART Ⅱ. Phosphorylation specific degradation of BRCA1 by CTSS in TNBC최슬기Doctoral Thesis
2018Regulatory role of translationally controlled tumor protein in radioresistance of cancer cells정지원Doctoral Thesis
2017Intratumoral controlled delivery of engineered oncolytic virus with injectable hydrogels for renal cancer therapy김희정Doctoral Thesis
2016Development of Synthetic Methods for Azoles and Their Applications정윤경Doctoral Thesis
2016Metabolomic and Lipidomic Investigation of Hyperlipidemia and Acute Coronary Syndrome최종민Doctoral Thesis
2021Investigation of ocular irritancy of coal tar dyes using in vitro eye irritation tests and exploration of novel in vitro endpoints to identify ocular irritants이미리Doctoral Thesis
2021The association factors between survival and antibiotic use in patients receiving nivolumab for non-small cell lung cancer금민정Doctoral Thesis