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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Bacillus amyloliquefaciens GF424 SOD consumption improves protection against oxidative stress in healthy subjects남예은Master's Thesis
2020Effect of barley sprouts against oxidative stress in habitual alcohol drinkers박혜린Master's Thesis
2023레스토랑 서빙로봇에 대한 외식 소비자의 수용의도 모델 검증김소연Master's Thesis
2023진피(陳皮) 페이스트 함량을 달리한 식물성 버터 스프레드 개발 및 품질특성신미래Master's Thesis
2023Relationships of NAD metabolism, ER stress, and Circadian Clock Regulation in the Liver권소영Master's Thesis
2023Factors Affecting Consumption Switching from Conventional Meat to Plant-based Meat Between Koreans and Chinese이미혜Master's Thesis
2023주 양육자의 유튜브 음식 콘텐츠 시청과 식품문해력이 자녀의 건강 상태에 미치는 영향 연구임서정Master's Thesis
2023확장된 계획행동이론(ETPB)을 적용한 밀키트의 구매의도에 관한연구Han, YutingMaster's Thesis
2023고령친화형 가정간편식 개발을 위한 물성 조절 고등어조림 제조 및 소비자 기호도서혜지Master's Thesis
2020Association between dietary diversity and metabolic syndrome in Korean adults김지연Master's Thesis
2018Modulation of the LPS-induced inflammatory responses by Prohibitin 1 and S-adenosylmethionine in RAW 264.7 cells박재희Master's Thesis
2018Effects of a plant-based multivitamin supplement on antioxidant capacity and metabolic analysis강승희Master's Thesis
2018Relation between recommended food score, plasma carotenoids, and malondialdehyde in subjects with different oxidative stress status김연수Master's Thesis
2018영양유전체학 연구의 윤리적 쟁점과 공용IRB 심의의 발전방안에 관한 연구김원희Master's Thesis
2018The effects of Platycodi radix extract on postprandial blood triglyceride in healthy, normal weight subjects challenged with a high-fat/sugar intake이한솔Master's Thesis
2017Comparative hypocholesterolemic effects of quercetin and quercetin-loaded nanoemulsion in rats fed a high-cholesterol diet손혜연Master's Thesis
2017Protective Effect of Echinacea Dried Pressed-Juice against Restraint Stress-Induced Immunosuppression in BALB/c Mice박선영Master's Thesis
2023Effect of testing environment and conditions on the consumer food acceptance윤재연Master's Thesis
2023Anti-cancer cachexia effect of umami taste receptor by regulating muscle atrophy in vivo and in vitro이수민Master's Thesis
2023Uses of vitamin and mineral supplements and risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in hypertensive adults in South Korea박윤미Master's Thesis