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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Role of SWI/SNF and BAP1 in DNA repair and its applications in cancer treatment이다예Doctoral Thesis
2019Epigenetic regulation of transcriptional memory and non-coding RNA transcription이보배Doctoral Thesis
2016Drosophila 장 줄기세포 분화조절에 관여하는 수용체 연구유혜진Doctoral Thesis
2016The STAT3/mLST8/4E–BP1 pathway mediates cap–dependent translation in human cancer cells이현지Doctoral Thesis
2021A Modified Helper Phage to Improve the Selection of Antibodies by Phage DisplayNGUYEN THI THU HADoctoral Thesis
2021FCN3 functions as a tumor suppressor of lung adenocarcinoma through induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress장혜연Doctoral Thesis
2021Study on tumor spheroid for regulation of cancer stemness김희연Doctoral Thesis
2014The Role of Macrophage Peroxiredoxin-1 in Atherosclerosis정세진Doctoral Thesis
2019Epigenetic regulation of mRNA and lncRNA transcription dynamics by HAT and HDACs김지현Doctoral Thesis
2016Ninjurin-1 Deficiency Induced Developmental Defects and Atherosclerosis전세진Doctoral Thesis
2015Characterization of novel factors regulating osteoclast differentiation and functionLin, JingjingDoctoral Thesis
2021Analysis of transgenic murine models for T-cell lymphoma이규진Doctoral Thesis
2021The role of GDNF in the skeletal system이솔Doctoral Thesis
2021CHIP and BAP1 act in concert to regulate INO80 ubiquitination and stability for DNA replication서혜란Doctoral Thesis
2021Nox4 promotes differentiation of ES cells into derivatives of three embryonic germ layers김주송Doctoral Thesis
2017Selective roles of cellular thiol peroxidases for cancer cell apoptosis이선미Doctoral Thesis
2015Studies on the characteristics of microglia as a bridge of innate and adaptive immune responses in the inflammation-associated brain disease장지영Doctoral Thesis
2015Therapeutic approaches to skeletal diseases in mice박두리Doctoral Thesis
2019Identification and characterization of a novel tumor suppressor gene and oncogenic fusion gene in lung adenocarcinoma용승희Doctoral Thesis
2017Role of Arhgap17 in the mouse colon and mechanism of colitis caused by dextran sulfate sodium이소영Doctoral Thesis