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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014The prominence of a tropical convective signal in the wintertime Arctic temperature유창현Article
2014On the Causal Relationship between Poleward Heat Flux and the Equator-to-Pole Temperature Gradient: A Cautionary Tale유창현Article
2014Multiphase Flow Simulation for In Situ Combustion to Investigate Field-scale Hydraulic Heterogeneity and Air Injection Rate Affecting Oil Production민배현Article
2014Pareto-based multi-objective history matching with respect to individual production performance in a heterogeneous reservoir민배현Article
2015A Rossby Wave Bridge from the Tropical Atlantic to West Antarctica유창현Article
2015Development of Pareto-based evolutionary model integrated with dynamic goal programming and successive linear objective reduction민배현Article
2016Development of a robust multi-objective history matching for reliable well-based production forecasts민배현Article
2017Model selection for CO2 sequestration using surface deformation and injection data민배현Article
2019The Effects of Spring and Winter Blocking on PM10 Concentration in Korea유창현Article
2019Retrieval of Total Precipitable Water from Himawari-8 AHI Data: A Comparison of Random Forest, Extreme Gradient Boosting, and Deep Neural Network안명환Article
2019Comparison of equatorial wave activity in the tropical tropopause layer and stratosphere represented in reanalyses유창현Article
2019Total Column Ozone Retrieval from the Infrared Measurements of a Geostationary Imager안명환Article
2019History Matching of a Channelized Reservoir Using a Serial Denoising Autoencoder Integrated with ES-MDA민배현Article
2019RTTOV-gb v1.0-updates on sensors, absorption models, uncertainty, and availability안명환Article
2019Tropical influence on the North Pacific Oscillation drives winter extremes in North America최용상; 유창현; 성미경Article
2019Optimisation of steam and gas push to prevent water influx from a top-water-bearing area into a vapour chamber민배현Article
2019Iterative static modeling of channelized reservoirs using history-matched facies probability data and rejection of training image민배현Article
2018Introducing the geostationary environment monitoring spectrometer안명환Article
2018Subseasonal Prediction of Wintertime East Asian Temperature Based on Atmospheric Teleconnections유창현Article
2018An integrated flow-geomechanical analysis of flue gas injection in cranfield민배현Conference Paper