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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Exploring Global Korea Scholarship as a Public Diplomacy Tool아이한카디르Article
2022Innovative Development Finance for Health Sector Development: Focusing on the Air Ticket Solidarity Levy System in the Republic of Korea변인수Article
2022Can Blended Finance Be a Game Changer in Sustainable Development? An Empirical Investigation of the "Lucas Paradox"Hannah Jun(전희경)Article
2021Introduction to the special issue—Global Korea Scholarship: Empirical evaluation of a non-Western scholarship program from a public diplomacy perspective아이한카디르Article
2021Global Korea Scholarship students: Intention to stay in the host country to work or study after graduation아이한카디르Article
2021Evaluations of people, affection, and recommendation for a host country: A study of Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) recipients아이한카디르Article
2021Satisfied or dissatisfied: The determinants of Global Korea Scholarship recipients’ satisfaction with life in Korea아이한카디르Article
2021International scholarship for social change? Re-contextualizing Global Korea Scholarship alumni’s perceptions of justice and diversity in South Korea아이한카디르Article
2021Challenges to and Opportunities for International Organisation in East AsiaBrendan M. HoweArticle
2021A critical analysis of individual social responsibility in China: The role of the government in defining ethical behaviorHannah Jun(전희경)Article
2021Investigating Determinants of International Clean Energy Investments in Emerging MarketsHannah Jun(전희경)Article
2021From stakeholder communication to engagement for the sustainable development goals (Sdgs): A case study of lg electronicsHannah Jun(전희경)Article
2020Determinants of presidential approval ratings: Cross-country analyses with reference to Latin America오진환Article
2020Inequality: Why equity and fairness should be part of tax policy and governanceJasper S. KimArticle
2020Impacts of health expenditure financing on infant mortality and diminishing returns: Implications for sub-saharan africa오진환Article
2021Trade and tourism in democratic republic of congo: Key business for sustainable financing오진환Article
2020Only shallow? Public support for development cooperation in South KoreaThomas KalinowskiArticle
2021The politics of climate change in a neo-developmental state: The case of South KoreaThomas KalinowskiArticle
2021An Analysis of Sustainability Integration in Business School Curricula: Evidence from KoreaHannah Jun(전희경)Article
2020Teaching sustainability: complexity and compromisesHannah Jun(전희경)Article