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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005Maintaining the territorial integrity of Korea우재연Master's Thesis
2005Economic Activities of South Korean Women김은우Master's Thesis
2005A Case Study of "PT-Kia Motors"한혜성Master's Thesis
2005MEXICO AFTER NAFTA유지영Master's Thesis
2005Collision between International Human Rights Norms and National Identity유혜정Master's Thesis
2005An Analysis on the Japanese ODACho, Eun HeuiMaster's Thesis
2005The Environment and The Future of BusinessesCho, Jae-HwiMaster's Thesis
2005The Rise of China and Its Effect on Northeast Asian Regional Security Order홍주연Master's Thesis
2005Japan's ODA practice with a focus on aid effectiveness권규Master's Thesis
2005The Theoretical Study of the Korean Wave as a Global Cultural Flow류지원Master's Thesis