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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Impact of Female Unemployment on HIV/AIDS PrevalenceMWILIMA, TAUSI RAMADHANIMaster's Thesis
2009The Impact of Resource Curse on the Development of KazakhstanORAZBEKOVA, AIGERIMMaster's Thesis
2009Global Food CrisisSHIBUTSE, SARAH IDIEVAMaster's Thesis
2009The Rule of LawPORTILLO NAJERA, ZOILA ELISAMaster's Thesis
2009Reproductive Health and Poverty Reduction among Women in GhanaSEDEGAH, YVONNE AKPENEMaster's Thesis
2009Japan’s ODA to Indonesia on Human Development (Health Sector)SAID, NADIAMaster's Thesis
2009중국어권 학습자의 한국어 억양 실현 양상 연구박지연Master's Thesis
2009한국 춤과 호흡의 연관성에 관한 일 고찰심민서Master's Thesis
2009《혜원전신첩》에 드러난 '양반 이미지' 분석김현미Master's Thesis
2009Dead at 34WASHAYA, NYASHA PRISCA AUDREY V.Master's Thesis