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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Global Food CrisisSHIBUTSE, SARAH IDIEVAMaster's Thesis
2009The Rule of LawPORTILLO NAJERA, ZOILA ELISAMaster's Thesis
2009Reproductive Health and Poverty Reduction among Women in GhanaSEDEGAH, YVONNE AKPENEMaster's Thesis
2009Japan’s ODA to Indonesia on Human Development (Health Sector)SAID, NADIAMaster's Thesis
2009The Impact of Resource Curse on the Development of KazakhstanORAZBEKOVA, AIGERIMMaster's Thesis
2009Education Reform and Its Impact to Access and Performance for Boys and Girls in Primary and Secondary Education in TanzaniaMUCHUNGUZI, JULIETH CHRISTOPHERMaster's Thesis
2009Girls’ Education as a Policy for Achieving MDGs in RwandaMUTESI, ANITAMaster's Thesis
2009Women Political Empowerment as an Instrument for Sustainable Development in RwandaMUKABAGEMA, KAGABA MEDIATRICEMaster's Thesis
2009Impact of International Labor Migration, Remittance in household levelNEPAL, SUNITAMaster's Thesis
2009Impact of Female Unemployment on HIV/AIDS PrevalenceMWILIMA, TAUSI RAMADHANIMaster's Thesis