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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Individual and School Correlates of DIT-2 Scores Using a Multilevel Modeling and Data Mining Analysis최윤정Article
2022Adolescent Internet gaming addiction and personality characteristics by game genre남지은Article
2021Generalized Equations for Predicting Percent Body Fat from Anthropometric Measures Using a Criterion Five-Compartment Model최윤정Article
2022Meeting the Needs of Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders During the COVID-19 School Closures최윤정Article
2021Associations of Personality Traits with Internet Addiction: A Cross-Cultural Meta-Analysis with a Multilingual Approach남지은Article
2021Therapeutic Singing as a Swallowing Intervention in Head and Neck Cancer Patients With Dysphagia김수지; 여명선Article
2021Korean novice music teachers' perceptions of their first years' challenges신지혜Article
2021Community-based art therapy for the coexistence of South Korean Youth and North Korean youth defectors: A phenomenological study박소정Article
2021Does Etiology Matter? Comparative Analysis of a Singing-Enhanced Swallowing Protocol for Patients with Neurological Impairment versus Head and Neck Cancer김수지; 유가을Article
2021Professional Quality of Life and Affective Distress Among Prelicensed Counselors최윤정Article
2021Latent Profile of Internet and Internet Game Usage Among South Korean Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic남지은Article
2021Dual-Task-Based Drum Playing with Rhythmic Cueing on Motor and Attention Control in Patients with Parkinson's Disease: A Preliminary Randomized Study김수지Article
2021Music experience is associated with lower depression level and higher quality of life among family caregivers of critically ill patients김수지; 유가을Article
2021A Qualitative Study on Changes in the Self-Esteem of Midlife Adults in the Furniture Design Program from Community-Based Art: Lifelong Learning김효정Article
2021The Influence of Convergence Design Lessons Using Artificial Intelligence(AI) on Middle School Students' Self-Directed Learning: Focusing on Game Design Class that Removes Space Debris김효정Article
2021Traditional Korean Art Materials as Therapeutic Media: Multicultural Expansion Through Materials in Art Therapy박소정Article
2020The effect of design lessons based on virtual reality experiences on middle school students' creative competencies김효정Article
2021Globalization in art therapy education: Multicultural training in South Korean context박소정Article
2021Preservice music teachers in Korea and their collaborative reflection with peers신지혜Article
2020Crosscultural Measurement Invariance of the Internet Addiction Test-Revised (IAT-R) Among Japanese and Filipino University Students남지은Article