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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Ocean-atmosphere interactions: Different organic components across Pacific and Southern Oceans이지이Article
2023Variations in the sediment phosphorus fractions and their release according to precipitation in the Han River, South Korea최정현Article
2023Sources, supply, and seasonality of total suspended matter and associated organic carbon and total nitrogen in three large Asian rivers-Ganges, Mekong, and Yellow박지형Article
2023Morphology and phase state of PM2.5 in urban and coastal-rural areas during summer이지이Article
2023Basin-specific pollution and impoundment effects on greenhouse gas distributions in three rivers and estuaries박지형Article
2023Chemical and morphological characterization by SEM–EDS of PM2.5 collected during winter in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia이지이Article
2023Comparisons of Spatial and Temporal Variations in PM2.5-Bound Trace Elements in Urban and Rural Areas of South Korea, and Associated Potential Health Risks이지이Article
2023Dynamics of Functional Genes and Bacterial Community during Bioremediation of Diesel-Contaminated Soil Amended with Compost조경숙Article
2023Enhanced in-situ oxygen evolution and hydrogen peroxide production by a floatable ZnO-incorporated polyurethane photocatalyst for sulfamethoxazole degradation윤여민Article
2023Responses of earthworms exposed to low-density polyethylene microplastic fragments박찬혁Article
2023Estimation of Air Pollutant Emissions from Heavy Industry Sector in North Korea여민주Article
2023Influence of personal cooling at local body parts on workers’ thermal comfort levels under thermal environments with elevated ambient temperatures: A model study위대현Article
2023Role of co-existing ions in the removal of dissolved silica by ceramic nanofiltration membrane박찬혁Article
2023Successive alkali diffusion ceramic reactor: Long-term removal of acidity and heavy metals in acid mine drainage윤여민Article
2023Optimization of DNA Extraction and PCR Conditions for Fungal Metagenome Analysis of Atmospheric Particulate Matter조경숙Article
2023Comparable Study on the Chemical Characteristics of PM2.5 Measured in Chuncheon and Wonju, Gangwon-do; [강원도 춘천과 원주에서 측정한 PM2.5의 화학적 특성 비교]이지이Article
2023Fabrication of highly effective Ag6Si2O7/SmFeO3 heterojunction with synergistically enhanced sonophotocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin and production of H2O2: Influencing factors and degradation mechanism윤여민Article
2023Phytoremediation and bacterial community dynamics of diesel- and heavy metal-contaminated soil: Long-term monitoring on a pilot scale조경숙Article
2023Enhanced catalytic oxidation of naproxen via activation of peroxymonosulfate by Fe-based metal–organic framework aerogels functionalized with Ag nanoparticles윤여민Article
2023Long-term comparison of the performance of biostimulation and phytoextraction in soil contaminated with diesel and heavy metals조경숙Article