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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Machining characteristics of glass substrates containing chemical components in femtosecond laser helical drilling최정현Article
2021Corrigendum: “Approximated expression of the hygroscopic growth factor for polydispersed aerosols” (Journal of Aerosol Science (2021) 151, (S0021850220301567), (10.1016/j.jaerosci.2020.105670))이지이Erratum
2021Effects of Plant and Soil Amendment on Remediation Performance and Methane Mitigation in Petroleum-Contaminated Soil조경숙Article
2021An Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Nakdong River Around the Weir최정현Article
2021Direct radiative forcing of biomass burning aerosols from the extensive Australian wildfires in 2019-2020박선기Article
2021A comprehensive overview and recent advances on polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) production using various organic waste streams김동수Article
2021Ozonation enhancement of low cost double-stranded DNA binding dye based fluorescence measurement of total bacterial load in water손아정Article
2021Phenological Response in the Trophic Levels to Climate Change in Korea이상돈; 김민경Article
2021Chia seed-assisted separation and detection of polyvinyl chloride microplastics in water via gas chromatography mass spectrometry손아정; 박찬혁Article
2020Dynamics of nitrogen compounds and functional genes in a nitrification-denitrification coupling process조경숙Article
2020Rhizoremdiation of petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soils and greenhouse gas emission characteristics: A review조경숙Review
2020Characterization of nitrous oxide reduction byAzospirasp. HJ23 isolated from advanced wastewater treatment sludge조경숙Article
2020Model Error Representation Using the Stochastically Perturbed Hybrid Physical-Dynamical Tendencies in Ensemble Data Assimilation System박선기Article
2021Effects of warming, wetting and nitrogen addition on substrate-induced respiration and temperature sensitivity of heterotrophic respiration in a temperate forest soil박지형Article
2021Evaluation of rhizoremediation and methane emission in diesel-contaminated soil cultivated with tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea)조경숙Article
2021Review of MXene-based nanocomposites for photocatalysis손아정Review
2021Approximate formulae for thermal resistance matching of thermoelectric coolers operating at room temperature위대현Article
2021Plant growth-promoting bacteria for remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil: Characteristics, application and prospects조경숙Review
2021Efficient bioconversion of sugarcane bagasse into polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) by Lysinibacillus sp. and its characterization김동수Article
2020Modelling Water Quality Improvements in a South Korean Inter-Basin Water Transfer System최정현; 이혜원Article