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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Deep learning compensation of rotation errors during navigation assistance for people with visual impairments or blindness오유란Article
2021Synthesizing the Roughness of Textured Surfaces for an Encountered-Type Haptic Display Using Spatiotemporal Encoding김영준; 오유란Article
2021Modeling and Analysis of the Page Sizing Problem for NVM Storage in Virtualized Systems반효경Article
2021Image Accessibility for Screen Reader Users: A Systematic Review and a Road Map오유란Review
2021Characterization of Android Memory References and Implication to Hybrid Memory Management반효경Article
2021Cloud Security Issues and Log-based Proactive Strategy도인실Conference Paper
2021An Information Recommendation Technique Based on Influence and Activeness of Users in Social Networks이민수Article
2001Adaptive Web site construction using art조동섭Conference Paper
2001Collaborative filtering with automatic rating for recommendation조동섭Conference Paper
2020Timely directional data delivery to multiple destinations through relay population control in vehicular ad hoc network이상호; 이형준Article
2021Improved Raft Algorithm exploiting Federated Learning for Private Blockchain performance enhancement채기준; 도인실Conference Paper
2020Multi-Aspect Incremental Tensor Decomposition Based on Distributed In-Memory Big Data Systems용환승Article
2020Separation of Virtual Machine I/O in Cloud Systems반효경Article
2021Tactile colour pictogram to improve artwork appreciation of people with visual impairments오유란Article
2020Performance Analysis of Thread Block Schedulers in GPGPU and Its Implications반효경; 조경운Article
2021Selective blockchain system for secure and efficient D2D communication채기준; 도인실Article
2020Learning Deeply Aggregated Alternating Minimization for General Inverse Problems민동보Article
2020Single Image Deraining Using Time-Lapse Data민동보Article
2020Infrastructure-Less Vehicle Traffic Density Estimation via Distributed Packet Probing in V2V Network이형준Article
2020Dynamic Analysis Method for Concurrency Bugs in Multi-process/Multi-thread Environments최병주Article