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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022TcellInflamedDetector: an R package to distinguish T cell inflamed tumor types from non–T cell inflamed tumor types박현석Article
2022S-FLASH: A NAND Flash-Based Deep Neural Network Accelerator Exploiting Bit-Level Sparsity심재형Article
2022Hierarchical Blockchain-Based Group and Group Key Management Scheme Exploiting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Urban Computing채기준; 도인실Article
2022An Efficient Deep Learning Approach to Automatic Glaucoma Detection Using Optic Disc and Optic Cup Localization용환승Article
2022Storage Type and Hot Partition Aware Page Reclamation for NVM Swap in Smartphones반효경; 조경운Article
2022A Shallow Domain Knowledge Injection (SDK-Injection) Method for Improving CNN-Based ECG Pattern Classification이민수Article
2022Multiclass Skin Lesion Classification Using Hybrid Deep Features Selection and Extreme Learning Machine용환승Article
2022Cucumber Leaf Diseases Recognition Using Multi Level Deep Entropy-ELM Feature Selection용환승Article
2021A Decision Support System for Face Sketch Synthesis Using Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence용환승Article
2021Mango Leaf Disease Recognition and Classification Using Novel Segmentation and Vein Pattern Technique용환승Article
2022Supporting Swap in Real-Time Task Scheduling for Unified Power-Saving in CPU and Memory반효경; 조경운Article
2021Adversarial Confidence Estimation Networks for Robust Stereo Matching민동보Article
2021Improved Text Summarization of News Articles Using GA-HC and PSO-HC용환승Article
2021Characterizing Fine-Grained Resource Utilization for Multitasking GPGPU in Cloud Systems반효경; 조경운Article
2021Human Action Recognition: A Paradigm of Best Deep Learning Features Selection and Serial Based Extended Fusion용환승Article
2021Characterizing File Accesses in Android Applications and Caching Implications반효경Article
2021Editor’s introduction to the special section on the 7th biomedical linked annotation hackathon (Blah7)박현석Article
2022Integrated Scheduling of Real-Time and Interactive Tasks for Configurable Industrial Systems반효경Article
2021Design and Implementation of a Distributed Versioning File System for Cloud Rendering반효경Article
2001Server based QoS routing with implicit network state updates이미정Conference Paper