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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024Ultra-Low Inductance PMSM Drive Using a DC Current Sensor이가현Article
2024Fabrication and validation of flexible neural electrodes based on polyimide tape and gold sheet전상범Article
2024Decoding Errors in Difference-Invertible Bloom Filters: Analysis and Resolution임혜숙Article
2024Learning feature alignment and dual correlation for few-shot image classification최선한Article
2024Amygdala electrical stimulation for operant conditioning in rat navigation전상범Article
2024A More Practical Indicator of MAC Operational Power Efficiency inside Memory-based Synapse Array조성재Article
2024Bimodal semantic fusion prototypical network for few-shot classification최선한Article
2023Practical Simulation Budget Allocation for Ranked Subset Partitioning최선한Article
2024A data-driven agent-based simulation of the public bicycle-sharing system in Sejong city최선한Article
2023Uniform multilevel switching and synaptic properties in RF-sputtered InGaZnO-based memristor treated with oxygen plasma조성재Article
2023The Enhanced Performance of Neuromorphic Computing Hardware in an ITO/ZnO/HfOx/W Bilayer-Structured Memory Device조성재Article
2023Set Reconciliation Using Ternary and Invertible Bloom Filters임혜숙Article
2023Robust Spatial-Temporal Motion Coherent Priors for Multi-View Video Coding Artifact Reduction강제원Article
2023Complexity-Aware Layer-Wise Mixed-Precision Schemes With SQNR-Based Fast Analysis김지훈Article
2023An Area-Efficient Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Circuit with Enhanced Robustness against Synapse Variability in Hardware Neural Network신형순; 박지선; 조성재Article
2023A Programmable Crypto-Processor for National Institute of Standards and Technology Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Based on the RISC-V Architecture김지훈Article
2023Liquid Crystal Polymer-Based Miniaturized Fully Implantable Deep Brain Stimulator전상범Article
2024Implantable Neural Electrodes Fabrication Based on Perfluoroalkoxyalkane Film전상범Article
2023Analog Memory and Synaptic Plasticity in an InGaZnO-Based Memristor by Modifying Intrinsic Oxygen Vacancies조성재Article
2024Data Dissemination Framework Using Low-Rank Approximation in Edge Networks박형곤Article