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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Defect Detection in Printed Circuit Boards Using Semi-Supervised Learning박수현Article
2023Fast Reconfigurable Electrode Array Based on Titanium Oxide for Localized Stimulation of Cultured Neural Network전상범Article
2023Noise-Robust Sleep Staging via Adversarial Training With an Auxiliary Model강제원Article
2023Extended aperture image reconstruction for plane-wave imaging박수현Article
2023A Low-Cost Measurement Methodology for LiDAR Receiver Integrated Circuits박성민Article
2023A CMOS Fully Differential Optoelectronic Receiver for Short-Range LiDAR Sensors박성민Article
2023Deep Neural Networks for Determining Subgap States of Oxide Thin-Film Transistors신형순; 박지선Article
2023Reinforcement Learning for Rate-Distortion Optimized Hierarchical Prediction Structure강제원Article
2023Vascular wall motion detection models based on long short-term memory in plane-wave-based ultrasound imaging박수현Article
2023Somatosensory ECoG-based brain–machine interface with electrical stimulation on medial forebrain bundle전상범Article
2023Multi-Mode SpMV Accelerator for Transprecision PageRank With Real-World Graphs김지훈Article
2023Nonintrusive Motor Current Signature Analysis이가현Article
2022An Energy-Efficient Domain-Specific Reconfigurable Array Processor With Heterogeneous PEs for Wearable Brain-Computer Interface SoCs김지훈Article
2022ECS-NBS: Exact Computation of Sequential Nash Bargaining Solutions박형곤Article
2023A Unified Current-Voltage Model for Metal Oxide-Based Resistive Random-Access Memory신형순; 박지선Article
2022Electromagnetic 2D scanning micromirror fabricated with 3D printed polymer parts for LiDAR applications지창현Article
2022An Indoor-Monitoring LiDAR Sensor for Patients with Alzheimer Disease Residing in Long-Term Care Facilities박성민; 김지훈Article
2022Semantic Segmentation of Pancreatic Cancer in Endoscopic Ultrasound Images Using Deep Learning Approach박수현Article
2022Development of a miniaturized, reconnectable, and implantable multichannel connector전상범Article
2022Hippocampal astrocytes modulate anxiety-like behavior전상범Article