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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Low Power Electromagnetic Scanning Micromirror for LiDAR System지창현Article
2021Secure IC with countermeasure to unpowered physical attack using on-chip photodiode and charge pump김지훈Conference Paper
2021Analysis of hump effect in tensile-stressed a-IGZO TFT using TCAD simulation신형순Conference Paper
2021Mirrored Current-Conveyor Transimpedance Amplifier for Home Monitoring LiDAR Sensors박성민Article
2021Analysis of the transient body effect model for an LTPS TFT on a plastic substrate신형순; 박지선Article
2020A 3-dimensional Modified Vernier Time-to-digital Converter for LiDAR Sensors박성민Article
2020A Mirrored Current-conveyor Transimpedance Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS박성민Article
2020Addition of a Secondary Functional Bloom Filter임혜숙Article
2020Analysis of a Lateral Grain Boundary for Reducing Performance Variations in Poly-Si 1T-DRAM신형순Article
2020Performance Enhancement of Hybrid TDOA/AOA Using Multipath Delay Estimation김정호Article
2020A Real-Time Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring System Based on Deep Neural Network With Large EDO Tolerant EEG Analog Front-End김지훈Article; Proceedings Paper
2020Design optimization of a 6.4 mm-diameter electromagnetic 2D scanning micromirror지창현Article
2020Multibit-Generating Pulsewidth-Based Memristive-PUF Structure and Circuit Implementation신형순Article
2020A Novel Hardware Security Architecture for IoT Device: PD-CRP (PUF Database and Challenge-Response Pair) Bloom Filter on Memristor-Based PUF선우경; 이정원Article
2020Comparison on Search Failure between Hash Tables and a Functional Bloom Filter임혜숙Article
2019Estimation of illumination spectrum from a hyperspectral image이병욱Article
2019Optimization of Medial Forebrain Bundle Stimulation Parameters for Operant Conditioning of Rats전상범Article
2019Fast and Power-Analysis Resistant Ring Lizard Crypto-Processor Based on the Sparse Ternary Property김지훈Article
2020A Dual-feedback Folded-cascode Fully Differential Transimpedance Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS박성민Article
2020Hemispherical Microelectrode Array for Ex Vivo Retinal Neural Recording전상범Article