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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023A Preliminary Study on the Influence of the Physical Housing Poverty on Children유다은Article
2021Housing Supply Limitations, Land Readjustment and the Ecological Performance of the Urban LandscapeKlaas KresseArticle
2022The Analysis of the EDGE Certification System on Residential Complexes to Improve Sustainability and Affordability박지현Article
2022Development of Daylight Glare Analysis Method Using an Integrated Parametric Modelling Approach: A Comparative Study of Glare Evaluation Standards박지현Article
2022Examining In Situ Acoustic Conditions for Enhanced Occupant Satisfaction in Contemporary Offices박지현Article
2022An International Comparative Study to Shift From Minimum to Decent Housing Standards유다은Article
2022Rapid urbanization, land pooling policies & the concentration of wealthKlaas KresseArticle
2021Cultural Institutions as Urban Planning and Image Management Tools Klaas Kresse, Marta Ramalho Kresse BastosKlaas KresseArticle
2019Planning and the So-Called ‘Sharing’ Economy / Can Shared Mobility Deliver Equity?/ The Sharing Economy and the Ongoing Dilemma about How to Plan for Informality/ Regulating Platform Economies in Cities–Disrupting the Disruption?/ Regulatory Combat? How the ‘Sharing Economy’ is Disrupting Planning Practice/ Corporatised Enforcement: Challenges of Regulating AirBnB andOther Platform Economies/ Nurturing a Generative Sharing Economy for Local Public Goods and Service ProvisionKlaas KresseArticle
2020Value capture ideals and practice – Development stages and the evolution of value capture policiesKlaas KresseArticle
2020Neighborhood Sustainability Measure for Preschool Children Based on Proximity to Major Service Amenities유다은Article
2016Interlaced Folding국형걸Article
2017Cheongun Residence Kim Hyundai김현대Article
2018K26 Diving Pool이동훈Article
2017A Virtual Resilience이동훈Editorial Material
2016An Architectural System of the Technology and the Psychology국형걸Article
2016In Search of a Social Communication Space이윤희Editorial Material
2008Architects, their participation to expand the horizon of public art김광수Note
2016A producing architect국형걸Review