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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Rapid development, build-out ratio and subsequent neighborhood turnover박윤미Article
2018A comparison of vacancy dynamics between growing and shrinking cities using the Land Transformation Model박윤미Article
2019Neighborhood decline and mixed land uses: Mitigating housing abandonment in shrinking cities박윤미Article
2019Planning for growth in depopulating cities: An analysis of population projections and population change in depopulating and populating US cities박윤미Article
2018Vacant urban areas: Causes and interconnected factors박윤미Article
2019Residential End-Use Energy Estimation Models in Korean Apartment Units through Multiple Regression Analysis송승영Article
2019Cooling operation guidelines of thermally activated building system considering the condensation risk in hot and humid climate임재한Article
2019Development of Automatic-Extraction Model of Poisonous Clauses in International Construction Contracts Using Rule-Based NLP이준성; 손정욱Article
2019Evaluation of Alternatives for Improving the Thermal Resistance of Window Glazing Edges송승영Article
2019SMA bending bars as self-centering and damping devices김희선Article
2019Thermally improved triple-glazing windows considering the condensation resistance (TDR) and thermal transmittance (U-factor) to meet Korean standards송승영Article
2018Measuring Workers' Emotional State during Construction Tasks Using Wearable EEG황성주Article
2018Distributed and interoperable simulation for comprehensive disaster response management in facilities황성주Article
2018EEG-based workers' stress recognition at construction sites황성주Article
2018Damage propagation from component level to system level in the electricity sector황성주Article
2018Improved Thermally Activated Building System Design Method Considering Integration of Air Systems임재한Article
2018Case Study on the Inspection and Repair of Window Condensation Problems in a New Apartment Complex송승영Article
2018A supervised learning-based construction workers' stress recognition using a wearable electroencephalography (EEG) device황성주Conference Paper
2017Feasibility of Field Measurement of Construction Workers' Valence Using a Wearable EEG Device황성주Conference Paper
2017Diurnal Thermal Behavior of Photovoltaic Panel with Phase Change Materials under Different Weather Conditions임재한Article