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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Affirmative action and team performance: An agency theoretic perspective김상준Article
2021Related party transactions and income smoothing: new evidence from Korea박소라Article
2021Development of a Competency Assessment Model for Measurement of the Human Inspection Skill강윤철Article
2021Waste-to-energy supply chain management with energy feasibility condition강윤철Article
2021The Impact of Investor Sentiment on Catering Incentives around the World변진호Article
2021What Brings Female Professionals to Entrepreneurship? Exploring the Antecedents of Women's Professional Entrepreneurship김상준Article
2021Retail regulation in South Korea: The nobrand case최승호Article
2021Red queen effect in german bank industry: Implication of banking digitalization for open innovation dynamics최승호Article
2021Joint admission, production sequencing, and production rate control for a two-class make-to-order manufacturing system김은갑Article
2021Preprint acceptance policies of Asian academic society journals in 2020김은갑Article
2020The internal control manager and operational efficiency: evidence from Korea박소라Article
2021A learning-based approach for dynamic freight brokerages with transfer and territory-based assignment민대기; 강윤철Article
2020Types of employee training, organizational identification, and turnover intention: Evidence from Korean employees안지영Article
2021CEO’s Political Connection and Organization Efficiency: Evidence from Public Institutions in Korea안지영Article
2021A Percolation-Like Process of Within-Organization Collective Corruption: A Computational Approach김상준Article
2020The impact of labor unions on corporate tax avoidance: Evidence from Korea박소라Review
2020Comparing the effects of two methods of education (online versus offline) and gender on information security behaviors채상미Article
2020Do individual traders undermine firm valuation?최문섭Article
2020Role of foreign and domestic institutional investors in corporate sustainability: Focusing on r&d investment박소라Article
2020Does cultural difference matter on social media? An examination of the ethical culture and information privacy concerns채상미Article