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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023State-level nursing home in-service dementia training requirements and inappropriate psychotropic medication use김미영; 윤정민Article
2023Association of Work Schedules With Nurse Turnover: A Cross-Sectional National Study배성희Article
2023Public Perception Before and After COVID-19 Vaccine Pass for the Unvaccinated to Eat Alone: Social Media Data Analytics정선옥Article
2023Relationship between optimism, emotional intelligence, and academic resilience of nursing students: the mediating effect of self-directed learning competency김건희Article
2023The Use of Metaverse in Nursing Education An Umbrella Review정덕유Article
2023Risk of uterine leiomyomata with menstrual and reproductive factors in premenopausal women: Korea nurses’ health study차지영Article
2023Validity and Reliability of the Korean Version of the Paternal Postnatal Attachment Scale김석선Article
2023Impact of workplace violence on South Korean nurses' turnover intention: Mediating and moderating roles of depressive symptoms김옥수Article
2023Factors contributing to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients' functional performance: Structural equation modelling based on theory of unpleasant symptoms강윤희Article
2023Korean nurses' energy drink consumption and associated factors강윤희Article
2023A comparison of dementia care and policy in five Asian regions: A literature review강윤희; 정덕유Article
2023The Relationship Between Taste and Smell Alterations and Quality of Life Among Women With Breast Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy강숙정Article
2023Interventions to reduce burnout among clinical nurses: systematic review and meta-analysis차지영Article
2023Key findings on women’s reproductive health: the Korea Nurses’ Health Study차지영Article
2023Educational Needs for Psychiatric Nursing Competencies among Non-Psychiatric Nurses김석선Article
2023Development and validation of a patient participation scale김미영Article
-Identification of North American Nursing Diagnosis Association-Nursing Interventions Classification-Nursing Outcomes Classification of nursing home residents using on-time data by android smartphone application by registered nurses정선옥Article; Early Access
2023Factors Affecting Mealtime Difficulties in Older Adults with Dementia Living in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Multilevel Model Analysis정덕유Article
2023Comparison of factors associated with postpartum depression from two cohorts of nurses: The Korea Nurses' Health Study and the Nurses' Health Study 3김옥수; 김수영Article
2023Effectiveness of a critical reflection competency program for clinical nurse educators: a pilot study신수진Article