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2020Perceptions of optimal end-of-life care in hospitals: A cross-sectional study of nurses in three locations [浅析医院最佳临终关怀:三个地区护士的横断面分析研究]김미영; 강숙정Article
2020Depressive Symptoms and Sleep Disturbance in Female Nurses with Atopic Dermatitis: The Korea Nurses' Health Study김옥수Article
2019Occupational values of nurses who succeeded their mothers in nursing [继承母亲从事护理工作的护士的职业价值观]김미영Article
2021Factors Affecting Physical and Mental Fatigue among Female Hospital Nurses: The Korea Nurses' Health Study김옥수Article
2014Nurses' experiences of ethical preparedness for public health emergencies and healthcare disasters: A systematic review of qualitative evidenceSusan TuraleReview
2021Factors affecting frontline Korean nurses' mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic김옥수Article
2021Influence of anxiety and resilience on depression among hospital nurses: A comparison of nurses working with confirmed and suspected patients in the COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 units김미영Article
2021Nurses' Experience of Nursing Workload-Related Issues during Caring Patients with Dementia: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis강윤희Review
2018Radiation safety education and compliance with safety procedures—The Korea Nurses’ Health Study김옥수; 강윤희Article
2021Sleep, Fatigue, and Depressive Symptoms among Female Nurses with Allergic Rhinitis김옥수Article