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2021Effects of Smartphone-Based Compensatory Cognitive Training and Physical Activity on Cognition, Depression, and Self-Esteem in Women with Subjective Cognitive Decline김옥수Article
2020Function-focused care programme for older people in Korean long-term care facilities정덕유Article
2015Effects of Health Status and Health Behaviors on Depression Among Married Female Immigrants in South Korea양숙자; 지연경Article
2018Retrospective cohort study on Korean adolescents’ sleep, depression, school adjustment, and life satisfaction양숙자Article
2020Depressive Symptoms and Sleep Disturbance in Female Nurses with Atopic Dermatitis: The Korea Nurses' Health Study김옥수Article
2021Influence of anxiety and resilience on depression among hospital nurses: A comparison of nurses working with confirmed and suspected patients in the COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 units김미영Article
2021Predictors of actual turnover among nurses working in Korean hospitals: A nationwide longitudinal survey study김옥수; 차지영; 배성희Article
2021Sleep, Fatigue, and Depressive Symptoms among Female Nurses with Allergic Rhinitis김옥수Article
2021Influence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome on Stress and Depressive Symptoms in Nurses: The Korea Nurses' Health Study김옥수; 차지영Article
2022Development of an Online-Coaching Blended Couple-Oriented Intervention for Preventing Depression in Middle Adulthood: An Intervention Mapping Study김석선Article